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Concept level design information, a site plan, and general standards were used to develop the simulation. This Photosimulation illustrates the grand scale of the proposed Port of Memphis Intermodal Facility. Detail in the Photosimulation includes a full spectrum of facility activities, such as container loading and unloading, incoming and outgoing trains with appropriate coloration, yard repairs, container and trailer storage sites, and truck checkpoint traffic. Since the 1970s, most international freight has been shipped by standardized 20- and 40-foot containers.

Some of this huge flow of cargo between countries needs to be refrigerated for the transit.
In the foreground is a River Point Station recovery truck with Highway Patrol car towing a trailer with another Highway Patrol car. Today's refrigerated container design uses high tech composite (plastics and metals) construction and a "picture frame" type refrigeration unit.
A huge collection and wide variety of Swift truck and trailer models are shown in the terminal area above.

Atlas' model represents a standard 40-foot high-cube refrigerated container (ISO Type Code 45R1) found in many shipping and leasing fleets.*ISO is the International Organization for Standardization.

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