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Model railroad track with an integrated roadbed makes assembling a track layout much easier than using standard track. Although many American model railroaders have never heard of it, TT scale is alive and well in Europe. MTH Realtrax offers a blackened center rail in a three-rail O scale integrated roadbed track. Athearn and Atlas have produced models of all four special locomotives painted in honor of Desert Storm servicemen. Integrated roadbed tracks and standard tracks can be used together with a little planning and just a few modifications. Integrated roadbed track is perfect for beginners and children because it's easy to assemble and take apart, and it works much better on carpet than standard track. An oval of approximately 40  by 60  Fastrack is included in all of recent Lionel's train sets.
Although you don't have to purchase a set to get started in model railroading, most people do.
From Santa Fe steam engines to Delaware and Hudson diesels - there is sure to be something out there that catches your eye. Each manufacturer has developed their own line and calls this type of track by their own trade name.This newer type of track is well suited for beginners, especially younger modelers and temporary layouts - even on carpeted floors. You don't have to spend the max to get a good set, but in general you do get what you pay for. However, no model railroad track works well on deep shag carpet (with the possible exception of the O gauge integrated roadbed tracks). I'm very happy with Unitrack, although the HO selection of track pieces is a bit limited. But what makes True-Track unique is that it is actually Atlas Snap-Track brand track attached to a plastic roadbed base.

The 20 piece expansion set includes two turnouts (one left and one right) and presents some interesting layout possibilities.
To my knowledge they are the only S scale manufacturer that offer an integrated roadbed track in S gauge.
Lionel offered a blackened center rail version of Fastrack for a while, but discontinued it. While some sets are better than others, the best set is the one that meets all of your needs.Before you start shopping, here are a few tips to help you narrow your search. In general, hobby standards mean that trains of the same scale will work together without problems. You can control the direction and the speed, but speed control is often not very precise.There are exceptions to this.
In addition to providing a more realistic base, the roadbed elevates the track above the flooring and provides and additional locking mechanism to hold the sections together.The only disadvantage of these track systems over conventional track pieces is that they are not universally compatible.
Different scales, prototypes and the size of the set certainly have a lot to do in the pricing. Today the majority of model railroad electric train sets are packaged with an integrated roadbed track. Their E-Z Command Turnouts come in nine varieties, including #5 left, right and wye turnouts and #6 left, right, left single crossover, and right single crossover. S-Trax uses code 131 rail, which S-Helper asserts is the correct scale rail for Pennsylvania Railroad prototype tracks.
Interestingly though, Tillig also sells snap-on roadbed for their Advanced Track, which results in a system similar to Atlas' HO scale True-Track. Some of the higher-end sets from Bachmann, Athearn and Atlas include a larger and more reliable power supply. Conventional tracks have long been built to standards developed by the National Model Railroad Association which ensured they would work with each other.

At the time of this writing S-Trax is available in three straight lengths, three curve radii, and both #3 and #5 switches (turnouts); with more pieces to follow. Lionel now includes only a basic power supply but a radio control with multiple sound controls in even their most basic sets.The better power supplies will provide reliable operation for years and can support larger layouts. Because of patents with the new style, each manufacturer has had to make their own track system, and they are not compatible with each other.This is something to consider if you plan to expand your track later.
These sets often have great appeal to collectors and modelers whose real interest lies in something beyond the train itself. Some manufacturers have very extensive track lines that make building a large layout possible, others only offer a few basic pieces. Judging by the limited information available, it doesn't appear that the N scale True-Track incorporates standard track and a removable roadbed. Digital Command Control offers independent control of multiple locomotives with a minimum of layout wiring. Atlas HO track is actually designed with a removable base so you can easily convert it to match conventional tracks.
The outer shell of any model is a significant portion of its cost, so it is also often a fair judge of the quality on the inside as well. DCC availability is definitely something to consider if you see your set leading to a larger layout and growing interest in the hobby.MTH offers something similar with their DCS system in O Gauge.
It may be hard to see some of these things through all the packaging, but even a beginner can spot something that is well-built.Other things to look for include metal wheels and knuckle couplers on the cars, nickel silver track, the overall weight of the set, and track and power pack features as listed above.
Also, by purchasing from a hobby shop, you'll have the opportunity to speak directly with an expert on the products at hand.

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