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Modern DieselsHO DCC Installs Volume 2 tackles some more advanced subjects, like customizing a modern diesel with working ditch lights, number boards, and a beacon! BrassOne of the examples on HO DCC Installs Volume 2 is a brass steam locomotive with sound!
HO DCC Installs Volume 2 is a how-to video for modelers wishing to install DCC decoders in HO scale locomotives. Of course, using DCC requires a decoder in each locomotive.  Some locomotives are available with decoders pre-installed.  But what if, like many modelers, you have a collection of older locomotives made long before DCC was invented?  Or what if you have a newer locomotive that has a provision for DCC but does not have an actual decoder installed? DieselsHO DCC Installs Volume 1 shows how to install decoders in a variety of locomotives, including diesels. SteamSteamers are covered, too!  Watch as we put sound and DCC into this Bachmann Spectrum 4-4-0.
HO DCC Installs Volume 1 is a how-to video for modelers wishing to install DCC decoders in HO scale locomotives.
The GG1, one of the PRR's most famous and recognizable locomotives, is also one of the most curiously designed. This is the same GG 1 that is on display at the Railroaders' Memorial Musuem in Altoona, PA in which I have seen when I have been there to visit the museum. DCC model railroading is something that most advanced modelers will inevitably pick up, especially if they enjoy extreme realism in their train sets.

Just look at this engine, this engine is simply the best example of realistic model train layout. This bridge is constructed over a bridge so that model trains can cross it without any issues. Technically two locomotives under one shell (a "G" class locomotive is a 4-6-0 by PRR specification, therefore the GG1 was two "G" locomotives in a 4-6-0:0-6-4 arrangement).
This a very nice model of one of the few preserved GG 1s that are out by Bachman at a really nice price and if I were to build another model railroad, I am sure I wiil model the Northeast Corridor. Hey everyone ane added a line to the amphetamine works really well and breaks upwards the scene a This is in a shed behind my house.
This layout is occupied with so many great features which are extremely important from the point of a realistic model train layout.
This thing not only adds great look but also make your layout look as it has all kind of model trains and is not limited to only one variety of model train. This added up to a 4.6k horsepower locomotive that was staggeringly powerful, even by today's standards. All the locomotives in this layout are equipped with LokSound Select DCC decoders. The complete run-bys were taped at the Santa Clara Caltrain station on the South Bay Historical Railroad Society (SBHRS) HO scale railroad layout. The mountains are trees are the basic component of a natural scenery model train and this layout is decorated with all of them.

You can use led lights to create the signals and also you can decorate it with so many awesome and variety of messages. HO Model trains are the most loved layouts and there are so many themes in which your layout can be based on. Designed in the 20's, built in 30's, and not retired until the 80's, the GG1 had an incredible lifespan (even when they were cut in two and run as GG's) and survives today as a testament to its time in both its unique Loewy-design and overwhelming performance. These small details are really very important if you wanna give your layout really a great realistic look. Angstrom shortly progress video of the triple loop layout now the Santa Fe loco 3501 has been fitted with DCC Sound ho layouts dcc. Using the image higher up as type A reference the left incline is our HO graduated table DCC layout. Both Father Christmas Fe engines deliver Digitrax DCC decoders addition amp soundbug aoud decoder NS has digitrax decoder.

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