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This kit represents a through girder pontoon type float bridge commonly used in many locations around New York Harbor. This design uses a gauntlet type track arrangement with the actual switch located on the land before the bridge. Kit consists of a one piece cast resin bridge with the girders as well as Micro Engineering nickel silver rail cast in place.
Please note: This Float Bridge is designed to match up with Frenchman River Model Works 3 Track Carfloat Kit as well as the 2 Track Station Float Kit. Additional items shown in photo, but not included in kit are: 4 Piling Seawalls glued back to back used as approaches and short pilings available from Frenchman River Model Works.

The land end of the bridge rested on pivoting bridge shoes allowing the water end of the bridge to rise and fall with the tide.
Highly detailed with rivets, wood planking and decking and toggle assemblies all cast in place.
With the abutment and pontoon, the height from the a€?watera€? to the top of the rail is approximately .915a€?. The pontoon that the outer end of the bridge floated on could also be raised and lowered using water pumped into or out of it as ballast. Also included is a cast resin pontoon and cast resin bridge abutment with integral bridge shoes.

This would allow the crew to adjust the bridge to match the floating height of the carfloat. Detailed winch assemblies including lead-free pewter winch drums and laser cut gears and hand wheels make this a super detailed foreground model youa€™ll be proud to display. Once aligned the toggle bars would be extended from the bridge through the toggle pockets on the bow of the carfloat locking them together to facilitate loading or unloading rail cars.

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