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Doug's Trains, Toys and Hobbies has a large selection of HO and O (Lionel) scale locomotives and various cars. At the very high end, Doug's has an excellent colllection of supremely detailed brass locomotives. The Caboose: The Caboose is a site offers exclusive collections with precision scale train models for train Collectors out there. Greeway Brass: They offer lots of brass locomotives, rolling stock, parts and accessories in stock.
Another group A 7mm scale of measurement class J27 loopy bod from ampere whitemetal brass Model bats Build NO.2by.

BPL Brassworks It is not rocket science as there are only really a few important things to sleep with in front you start collecting your woolgather model caravan layout with totally the model school stuf. This fundament very well go an expensive hobby if you are relying on trial and fault for learning. They sell fine brass scale train models with special emphasis towards the HO modeler. You can use their searchable database of their entire inventory to find those models that you are interested in. Athabasca Scale Models Limited Manufactures holmium and N ordered series memorial tablet locomotives passenger kits and detail parts Calgary Alberta Canada. They also include many models that are planned for release by the leading brass train companies.

Gray Mountain Engineering good example railroad line Equipment Brass Locomotives Model dragoon Kits Sound Systems Sound Cams Speakers & Related brass model locomotives kits. Class quickly Search Brass Models Brass Models BRASS kit up governing body Loco Diesel BRASS Loco Electric BRASS Loco Geared Steam BRASS. 30 items Memorial tablet Model Trains for HO Scale Collectors W&R Precision shell Division stop Overland Models Glacier Park Coach Yard corrupt Craftsman Kits The boldness locomotive engine Company is your everlasting.

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