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The Hogwarts Express is actually coming to life and you’ll be to take a ride this summer! Even though the view from the window will be the lovely English countryside, the Hogwarts Express will be in America! The train’s opening up as one of the rides at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which is a big Potter theme park at Universal Studios in the US.
Remember, you can listen to Fun Kids on DAB Digital Radio in London and online across the UK! The Hogwarts Express is the name of the train that makes a run between London, King's Cross Station Platform 9? and Hogsmeade Station.
The Express carries students to and from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the start and end of every term. The Hogwarts Express was originally built by the Muggle engineers at Crewe, in Cheshire, England,[1] in the early-to-mid 19th century. In 1827, Ottaline Gambol rose to the office of Minister for Magic, and she made a daring and controversial suggestion to solve the ages-old problem of how to transport hundreds of students to and from Hogwarts Castle every school year without attracting the Muggles' attention: intrigued by the Muggle technology, the Minister saw the potential of using a train as a secure and comfortable alternative to Portkeys or to unregulated means of travel. It was on the Hogwarts Express that Harry first got to know Ron Weasley in 1991, and first met many of the other people who played significant roles in his life, including Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Fred and George Weasley and, in later years, Remus Lupin and Luna Lovegood.
In 2017, Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione took their children to Platform 9? where they boarded the train to leave for Hogwarts. In striking contrast to Britain's National Rail system, the Hogwarts Express takes the form of a large red, 4-6-0 steam engine.
The passenger carriages hold compartments set off a corridor, allowing each compartment to function as a self-contained stage within the larger train.
The Bloomsbury adult editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone portray the Hogwarts Express as The Cavalier, specifically using a reproduction of O.
Because The Hogwarts Express is portrayed by a GWR Hall class locomotive, its original paintwork was Brunswick green, not crimson red. Interestingly, the Hogwarts Express conductor at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter once claimed that the train was a GWR 5900 and was built in 1936[3], when the real train was a GWR 4900 (indeed, the 5900 class does not exist) and was built in April of 1937.
During principal photography of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, filming was shut down for several days after the train used as the Hogwarts Express was vandalised, costing ?3000; the vandals had spray-painted graffiti onto the train.
Being an official vehicle of Hogwarts school, it's possible to surmise that it could be considered an extension of the school and thus fall under at least some of its rules and allowances. In the film adaption Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, the returning Hogwarts Students are only seen on the Hogwarts Express and not at Hogwarts itself, which is due to the film mainly focusing on Harry, Ron, and Hermione's quest to find and destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes.
As the only stations the Hogwarts Express is noted as stopping at are King's Cross and Hogsmeade it is unclear if students from Scotland, Wales and more remote parts of England (and possibly Ireland) have to make their way to and from Hogwarts via other means or have to make the trip via King's Cross. It is possible it has other stops before reaching King's Cross, but it seems probable that the train only runs from King's Cross to Hogsmeade given that Ron and Harry lived no where near London but used King's Cross.
The fact that on average there are around one thousand students at Hogwarts each year also poses complications for the Hogwarts Express being the only method for students to reach Hogwarts.
Throughout the films, the Hogwarts Express has had its iconic whistle but in the third film, a different whistle is used.
In the films and books, it is suggested the staff of the train, in particular the witch with the food trolley, is able to pass through to see the driver of the train.
There could also be some sort of magical "radio" or a enchanted "mirror" of a sort, where the train crew and passengers can speak through it (or see through) to the driver.
The locomotive used for the Express, Olton Hall, raised eyebrows in the British trainspotting community, since for the films it bears the name "Hogwarts Castle." Many people thus refer to it as "the Hall that thinks it's a Castle," referring to a separate, larger class of engine built by the Great Western Railway.
The film’s production designer, set decorator and coinciding crew helped design and build the exhibit to keep it as authentic as possible. Head here to further explore the new and awesome exhibition, as you can purchase tickets today as well. The 78 year old steam engine in Hogwarts Express livery, displayed with billowing steam in a permanent new 20,000 sq ft recreation of Platform 9 ? at Kings Cross Station, opened to the public on Thursday 19th March. The evening preview event gave Blooloop and other lucky industry insiders including Lesley Morisetti, Ray Braun, Paul Kent, Sarah Joyce and Baz Slatter the opportunity to tour the finished attraction, with the welcome enhancement of cocktails and canapes.

A touch of magic had been added by the caterers – ‘smoking’ cocktails and a surprise twist of popping candy in the Eton Mess. Then there were the special guest stars – real owls, a rat and a very grumpy Crookshanks cat on the platform. Of course the platform would be incomplete without a gift shop stocked with the new Hogwarts Express merchandise.
The focal point of the platform expansion is naturally the beautifully lit, red, shiny steam engine and carriage. However, the options available to create an attraction from the train itself are clearly limited by the narrowness of the carriage passageway and compartment layout. What’s interesting is how this particular section of the Warner Bros experience caters to the needs of the selfie generation.
The second is much more high tech, and an experience in itself, created in the same interior train carriage set that was used for filming. Of course there are many fantastic examples of animatronics and innovative AV throughout this wonderful studio tour that engage visitors with the superb props that can’t be touched.
Image credit: Hogwarts Express image on empty platform and Mark Williams pushing trolley courtesy of Warner Bros Studio Tour London. This entry was posted in Amusement Parks, Attractions Business, Audiovisual, Design, Museums and tagged Attractions, harry potter, leavesden, studio tour, warner bros studio tour london by Rachel Read.
This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. This is a fan-based website and is in no way affiliated with Universal Studios or Warner Brothers. Have you ever really thought about how much steampunk is in the Harry Potter books and movies? I think what struck me so hard was the movement of the gears in the clock tower in the scenes when Hermione and Harry go to save Sirius.  However, when I thought it over, I realized that steampunk is a huge part of Harry Potter even when it isn't so blatant. This post contains affiliate links and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them. The train leaves Platform 9? without fail on 1 September at 11 o'clock in the morning, arriving at Hogsmeade Station in the early evening. The Ministry of Magic conducted a large-scale operation involving one hundred and sixty-seven Memory Charms, as well as the biggest Concealment Charm ever performed in Britain, in order to acquire the locomotive.
The second confrontation between Harry and Draco Malfoy occurred on the train on the way to Hogwarts when Draco sneered at Ron and offered Harry his friendship.
In 1996, Harry and others were invited to a compartment occupied by Professor Horace Slughorn.
Originally steam fitted by the Muggles who built it, the Hogwarts Express now runs exclusively on magic. During the long journey to Hogwarts, students may enjoy treats from a trolley, such as Pumpkin Pasties and Chocolate Frogs. The compartments on the train appear to be lettered; in 1996, the Slug Club met in Compartment C. The unusual paintjob on the engine has sparked much controversy among Great Western Railway fans. Rowling's fourth Harry Potter book, a West Country Class Southern Railway locomotive, named Taw Valley, was painted crimson red and was given the Hogwarts Express nameplate.
It is possible, however, that these details were intentionally changed to differentiate the Hogwarts Express from the real train that portrays it. The train was damaged again in March 2007, after filming of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was completed. Only four adults were ever seen travelling on the train: the Honeydukes Express lady, the conductor, Remus Lupin and Horace Slughorn. However, in the film version of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, it is shown to have five coaches.

This may be why rule-abiding Hermione Granger felt free to cast the Oculus Reparo spell on Harry's glasses in the film version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone which might have otherwise been a violation of underage magic restrictions.
However, in the film version, Seamus Finnigan is seen on the Hogwarts Express even though he lives in Ireland. However given the existance of various ways of increasing space within carriages and the fact within the books neither the overall number of carriages the Express pulls nor the length of Platform 9? are stated leaves the possibility open.
London, you can now hop on board the actual Hogwarts Express train that was used in the prolific Harry Potter movie franchise.
From props to special effects and other various details, visitors who have gotten an early look at the Hogwarts Express setup say that it feels real and highlights amazing attention-to-detail. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter last week was a classy affair as would be expected from this classy attraction, with great attention to detail, quality, authenticity and a touch of magical inspiration. Perhaps because of the limitations of the Hogwarts Express as a centrepiece, other than looking very beautiful, there has been a deliberate effort to create photo opportunities for the young Potter fans. But it’s well done with attendants offering a choice of Hogwart’s house scarves as well as advice on posing. This railway carriage section has green screen windows that show iconic moments from the Potter train journeys.
She has an engineering degree and is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 year’s industry experience.
During your journey you will see familiar faces and scenery from the Harry Potter films and encounter many magical creatures along the way. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Some students take the train back to King's Cross Station to go home for the Christmas and Easter holidays, but some do not, as they stay at Hogwarts.
Harry turned down Draco's offer abruptly, marking the beginning of a long-standing enmity and hatred between the two boys.
There are usually no adults aboard the Hogwarts Express except the witch with the tea trolley and the driver. Yet it was rejected by Chris Columbus, the film director, because it looked too modern for the film's taste. Information from Pottermore, however, points to it being acquired by the Ministry about a century earlier, in the term of Minister Ottaline Gambol (in office 1827-1835).
A month was required to repair the locomotive, because of the ?50,000 worth of damage, as 337 of its toughened windows were smashed with hammers. Some of these are informal, like waving from the train, but there are two structured photo ops on the platform, developed in partnership with Picsolve, that enhance the visitor experience by putting the guest in the film, which is after all where they want to be.
But it was just the other day, as I was yet again watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, that I was struck with just how much steampunk was a part of these movies and books. Occasionally new teachers (such as Remus Lupin and Horace Slughorn) could be found aboard the train as well.
The fifth coach may have been added due to the fact that it has a luggage rack which the other four lacked, the luggage rack was needed so Harry could eavesdrop on a conversation involving Draco Malfoy. It’s well done and authentic and lots of people were taking the opportunity to have their photos taken waving goodbye to loved ones on the platform. With moments of recognition and the odd jump, the attraction nicely extends the experience in a way that is impossible to do on the train itself. It's also possible that its addition might reflect a higher-than-usual enrollment at Hogwarts. However as there are approximately one thousand students at Hogwarts each year each set up shown in the films seems inadequate for the requirements.

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