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The EMD GP38-2 is the upgraded version of the GP38 and is part of EMD's "Dash 2" line of upgraded diesel locomotives. In North America, GATX owns, manages or has an interest in more than 131,000 railcars and approximately 600 locomotives. 4-stack GP38-2 from Tom Fassett, and from the photos contributed; the only unit to be Speed Lettered.
I guess like most people, (surely I can't be the only one on the world), I 'assumed' the dynamic brake grid extended the entire width of the hood, which meant (to me), that the exhaust delivery pipes went through the grids.
Basically, the exhaust pipes from the cylinders exit vertically into horizontal collectors.
I made one more trip to see the GP38-2s to compare the two-exhaust version with the four-exhaust version. As I speculated, the two-exhaust design uses large exhaust collecters that are a much more costly design than seen on 4825. Use Flickriver Badge Creator to create a badge linking to your photos, your group or any other Flickriver view.

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While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on the bookmarklet to open the same view on Flickriver. Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. It was produced shortly after the SD40-2's introduction, and initial production started during 1972.
Its most distinctive identifying feature is the cooling water level sight glass on the right side of the long hood. It can be distinguished from the contemporary GP39-2 and GP40-2 in that its Roots blown engine had two exhaust stacks, one on each side of the dynamic brake fan, if equipped, while the turbocharged GP39-2 and GP40-2 has a single stack.

They're one of the most commonly used diesel locomotives throughout North America, and can often be seen switching, or shunting freight cars in yards, delivering local freight, or used as spare units on mainlines. The GP39-2 has two radiator fans on the rear of the long hood like the GP38-2, while the GP40-2 has three. The bottom of the fan box also has a central opening to extract hot air from the engine bay. It was also available with either a high-short-hood, common on Norfolk Southern units, or a low-short-hood, which is found on most other railroads.

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