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The NRE Genset locomotive has been in regular production since 2006, with over 180 units produced to date. This model includes all new body tooling and represents the next phase of NRE Genset production, unofficially referred to as the "Genset II". PORTERS Member Special: Order by December 27, 2012 and we will take 20% off your order of any of these Genset II Locomotives. AUSTRALIA: Pacific National has taken delivery of the first two of seven N-ViroMotive genset locomotives ordered from National Railway Equipment Co, and has begun testing five heavy haul locomotives supplied by CSR Qishuyan earlier this year. The NRE locomotives with Cummins QSK19 engines were custom designed for use at the BlueScope steelworks at Port Kembla in New South Wales, and manufactured in the USA. The investment ‘is part of a broader effort to adopt the best technology in order to improve efficiency and customer service across Pacific National’s operations’, explained Andrew Adam, General Manager, Intermodal.
The locomotives arrived in Australia in March, and following customer clearance and interim registration are now ‘undergoing a rigorous test programme to assure their performance, reliability and safety’. RUSSIA: Yakutia Railways has awarded a contract for concept development of a genset locomotive to Swiss firm Molinari Rail and Sinara Transport Machines. Announcing YR’s commitment to a first order on June 28, Molinari Rail said the genset locomotive would combine ‘proven and innovative technologies from Russia and the USA’.
For the cab end Genset Switcher idea, I drew my inspiration from two undecorated N scale (I think) genset locomotives. The only thing I would change would to have a cab on the end instead of near the end as you see.

My question is, is anyone able to kitbash two for me, know a model railroad company that offer the custom service, or if not, what are the steps on kitbashing it myself?? Most likely, you'll be able to afford to waste several shells for what the cost of a custom build would be. That's pretty much what I did with #100 anyway, taking the usual taper out of the hood, then moving the cab back and down. Next month, Union Pacific Railroad plans to begin using a sixth ultra-low-emission Genset switcher at its Roseville, Calif., yard.
The locomotive, which is being field tested at UP’s Fort Worth, Texas, yard, will increase the Class I’s Genset fleet to 165 units.
Atlas Model Railroad has many fine HO Scale Diesel Locomotives including the Trainman + NRE Genset U S Army #6501 Diesel Locomotive.
The NRE Genset was introduced in 2006 to reduce emissions and fuel consumption on road-switcher type locomotives. The primary spotting feature is a redesigned long hood which is now includes a provision for dynamic brakes.
I looked up and read some interesting information about the Genset locomotives and I want to have one either custom built or just kitbash loco shells.
Once I'd used the razor saw to carefully do both, I cut a straight section from the donor hood, got everything together, then added dynamic brake and steam generator detail. Gensets are designed to reduce oxides of nitrogen emissions up to 80 percent and particulate matter emission up to 90 percent compared with a conventional switcher.

The power comes from 2-3 smaller independent diesels (producing 700 hp each) used as tractive effort is needed. Not a PORTERS Member, sign up for an account below, and we will get you setup so you can get this discount too. They incorporate ‘proven equipment from industry recognised and approved suppliers’, according to PN, including a MTU EU Stage IIIA compliant engine, ABB electrical equipment, Voith cooling systems, Knorr-Bremse ECP braking, Faiveley compressors, Selectron controls, CSR bogies and Wabtec event recorders and CCTV.
With that thought in mind, I also thought of making a kitbash cab end (NW2, MP15, etc.) Genset type locomotive as well.
Then that gives you an idea of what donor shells will work, as you use the exact same shell and cut a slice that matches the mother shell exactly. That's what I pay for Kato shells anyway, which I use in making this HOn3 conversion I call a NW2M. All you do then is square up the mother shell, set the cab in place, and figure out how big the slice from the exact same type of shell that needs to be there to stretch the hood to meet the inside end of the cab.

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