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If you choose to share this work, the link must directly connect the client to this page without the use of URL shortening tools. GE Genesis, and check out GE Genesis on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
General Electric Genesis (officially trademarked GENESIS[5]) is a series of passenger locomotives produced by GE Transportation Systems, a subsidiary of General Electric. The Genesis series of locomotives was designed by General Electric in response to a specification published by Amtrak and ultimately selected over a competing design presented by GM EMD. Amtrak P42DCs #1 and #56 pulling the eastbound California Zephyr at Grand Junction, Colorado, April 2012.
The Genesis unit is a fully computerized locomotive which automatically controls all on-board functions, thus producing high reliability while keeping the maintenance requirements low.
All Genesis engines can provide head-end power (HEP) to the train drawn from an alternator or inverter powered by the main engine at a maximum rating of 800 kilowatts (1,100 hp), making each unit capable of providing HEP for up to 16 Superliner railcars. The trucks of Genesis locomotives were made by Krupp Verkehrstechnik, which has since been absorbed by Siemens Mobility; the trucks on the newest Genesis locomotives carry the Siemens name. A feature unique to the P40DC and P32AC-DM is a hostler stand at the rear of the locomotive providing increased visibility and reversing capabilities to the engineer while conducting reverse operations. Amtrak has returned 15 of their P40DC units to service as part of a project funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.[11] The first of the units were returned to service in March 2010 after being overhauled at the Beech Grove Shops. The Dual Mode P32AC-DM is unique as it is equipped with GE's GEB15 AC (alternating current) traction motors, rather than DC (direct current) motors as used in the other subtypes.[18] It is also only one of two modern American diesel-electric locomotives with third-rail capability, along with the EMD DM30AC operated by the Long Island Railroad. The third-rail shoes are used on the over-running third-rail into Penn Station for Amtrak units and the under-running third-rail into Grand Central Terminal for Metro-North units.

GE P32AC-DM, and check out GE P32AC-DM on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. The Genesis series are unique among current North American diesel-electric locomotives because of their low height. The P40DC and P42DC power plants can supply 60-hertz head-end power either from the HEP alternator with the engine speed-locked to 900 rpm (normal mode) or from the traction alternator with the engine speed-locked to 720 rpm (standby mode). The locomotive operates in a diesel-electric configuration that uses DC to power the traction motors, producing 4,000 horsepower (2,980 kW) output at 1047 rpm. They can operate on power generated either by the on-board diesel prime mover or, for a short period of time (approximately 10 minutes),[17][not verified in body] power collected from a third rail electrification system at 750 volts direct current.
Another unique feature is that the two lower vents near the back of the locomotive are bigger than that of P40s and P42s. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
This height restriction allowed the locomotive to travel easily through low-profile tunnels in the Northeast Corridor. Amtrak is installing bolt-on nose cones on its units for easy replacement in the event of a grade crossing collision with a vehicle.
Two unique features to the original P40DC are the two strobes above the cab and an emergency flasher between the strobes.
The model is confined to services operating from New York City, where diesel emissions through its two fully enclosed main terminal stations are prohibited. The Genesis series is lower than even the previous-generation F40PH by 14 inches (356 mm), and is the only Amtrak diesel locomotive that meets the clearance or loading gauge requirements on every Amtrak route.

As an example of the improvements over the predecessor locomotives, the Genesis is 22% more fuel-efficient than the F40PH while producing 25% more horsepower.[7] In addition, all Genesis locomotives have four-stroke engines instead of the two-stroke engines previously used in EMD counterparts.
The P32AC-DM powerplant does not have to be locked at a certain rpm because it utilizes an HEP inverter, which allows the prime mover to run at 1047 rpm when providing both traction power and HEP, and to idle at 620 rpm (or notch three) while still providing HEP for lighting and air-conditioning when not providing traction power.
Three units had been wrecked (819 in the 1993 Big Bayou Canot train wreck and 807 and 829 in the 1999 Bourbonnais, Illinois, train accident) and scrapped. The upgraded locomotives still have mechanical air brakes, which makes them most suitable for trains that only require a single locomotive.
P32AC-DMs are seen only on Amtrak's Empire Corridor between Penn Station and Buffalo, the Ethan Allen Express, Lake Shore Limited (New York section), Adirondack, and Maple Leaf services. Eight were leased and later sold to the Connecticut DOT for Shore Line East in 2005, and four were rebuilt and sold to New Jersey Transit in 2007. This differs from the electronic air brakes on the P42DC and P32AC-DM.[12] They also feature a builder's plate indicating that they were rebuilt under the auspices of the TIGER stimulus program. This is due to the requirement for the P32AC engines exclusively in this section of rail, and the higher horsepower rating of the P42DC.
Metro-North's push-pull trains to and from Grand Central Terminal also utilize P32AC units, and Metro-North's units have an escape hatch in the nose.

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