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A well-made corset has a very carefully balanced fit: to create a beautiful shape that is actually wearable by a human requires great attention to the distribution of ease and negative ease. In my article on lacing mistakes, I discussed how important it is to make sure the corset is properly anchored on the skeletal waistline.
Corsets are cut with negative ease at the waist: they are smaller than the body they go onto.
If your eyes haven’t glazed over yet, next week I will go into greater depth in discussing corset fit, specifically regarding the bust and vertical measurements.
Marianne Faulkner is the designer of Pop Antique, a clothing and corsetry line specializing in sustainable materials and comfortable curves.
Thanks for including the names of the models; I remember your post about that and now I see how helpful it really is. Is there a way to avoid producing a roll of fat over the top of the underbust corset in the back? I was under the impression that this is a sign that the corset isn’t quite right for your body.
Dottie’s Delights also makes several other fabulous styles in the same collection and can do custom work, too. I intend to publish a review after I’ve done a proper photoshoot of it, so keep reading! In the first pic (Nicole Simone) the model seems to be wearing stocking material shorts under her dress.
Founded by Cora Harrington in 2008, The Lingerie Addict is a blog dedicated to the fashion of lingerie.
This fabulous Yeti, Big Foot, or the Abominable Snowman as known in different parts of the world, is fully 3D and made of fibre glass it also has footplates on the inside of his feet to make him extra secure.
We are adding more images every day to this site and creating more pages with exciting new models every week! Plus size model Sophie Dahl for Yves Saint-Laurent perfume brand Opium - Sophie Thompson Images, Pictures, Photos, Icons and Wallpapers: Ravepad - the place to rave about anything and everything! The lacing and lacing gap allows for fine-tuning of the fit on an individual basis without requiring a fully bespoke corset.
There are always new ways to address the uniqueness of each body or to make a standard fit style with greater comfort.
You’ll want the corset to be settled just between the bottom of your rib cage and the top of your pelvis for maximum compression and comfort. It should be tightened such that it neither gaps (stands away from the body) nor cuts in (creating a muffin effect). I like to fit people with the corset once again visually flush against their body, but this time with enough room to get a couple fingers inside the bottom edge.
Whether or not you prefer to lace your corsets fully closed or leave a gap is a personal choice. Between my posture (my rib cage is fairly tilted) and the fact that I used to be a bit bigger, I definitely have this issue *a lot* even though I am considered a petite girl, so I know how frustrating it is and how it messes with the line of your clothes. Wouldn’t needing a wider gap at the hips than at the ribs simply mean that you need a slightly larger hip spring for your body shape (or a slightly smaller rib spring, factors depending)?

I’ve heard many people agree that a non-parallel gap damages your corset – is this true?
The problem is when part or all of the gap gets too wide, the placement of the bones is distorted and it causes them to twist in their channels. I hope to start waist training and the info you’ve provided has answered a few questions I had. We believe lingerie is for anyone who wants it - no matter their size, age, sexuality, ethnicity, ability, or budget - and we've been a Body Snark Free Zone since 2012. See their Pictures, Watch Videos and Clips of Movies they were in, Answer Quizzes, and Connect with Fans just like you! Look no further - watch Movie Trailers, Clips, Answer Quizzes, and Connect with other Movie-goers just like you.
Discover Travel Destinations, View Pictures, Videos, or get Opinions from fellow Travelers before you book your next Trip.
There’s also a relationship between fit and construction, and each wearer and maker will have their own opinions and preferences. It may migrate (usually up) as you lace in or throughout the course of the day, so you might give a little tug at the top or bottom of center front to adjust it back into position. Particularly at the side of the rib cage (or top of the bust) you want to make sure that it is laying smooth and flush. Stretch garments also have negative ease, but the stretch is what allows you to put them on without fiddling with a closure. A small historic study did show that a lacing gap averaging 2″ was standard in the Victorian corset-wearing heyday. Of course, the best thing you can do is get a custom-fit corset, which should be engineered to lay smoothly regardless of the exact style line.
Basically, after you tie off your lacing in a bow at the waist, split the bow in half and tuck each half in at the back hip. You may find that having the gap shape angled may actually improve the level of comfort and back support you get from your corsets.
How much damage would you expect to see, versus how much wear and tear is considered “normal”?
You’re correct in that a custom corset the gap should ideally be an even two inches (or whatever size the wearer prefers), but I find that as I adjust my lacing throughout the day or depending on my mood it tends to vary.
I have been acting for 14 years, working in both film and theatre, as well as management and design backstage. With all that in mind, I’d like to start with some basics, focusing on what fit looks like in a corset.
With a plus size figure, sometimes the underbust┬ámay look flush, but as there is more compressible flesh, the ribs can be tightened more. Of course, some people prefer the feeling of additional compression around their hips, even if it results in a visually too-tight corset, and that’s perfectly acceptable, too. Some find the pressure of boning along the spine to be excessive while others find it supportive. I end up wearing a stretch type undergarment over the corset to produce a smooth effect for under clothers.

Corsets that are cut a little higher in the back so that they overlap the bra band also lay much more smoothly than short corsets like waspies and cinchers – you could perhaps have a made to order done with a slight alteration to be taller in the back. Well cared for, models supplied by the JollyRoger will give you & your customers pleasure for many years to come. I have been modeling off and on over the past 13 years where I did a campaign for Red Eye clothing and various other assignments.
This is the method of fit analysis I use when working for my corsetry mentor, Dark Garden, who has the benefit of essentially a full run of basic corsets in every style and size combination for fitting, and when fitting models for my own line Pop Antique, where I use my smaller library of existing samples.
Even so, try to avoid over-tightening (at any size) as it will create a roll at the back of the corset. If the lacing has stretch, it won’t work, and if the corset is loose enough to come off immediately, it is too big!
Having a gap at the center back, in my experience, allows for the center back line of the corset to lay smoothly more easily, as well as allowing for greater variance in the degree of reduction and any size fluctuation. And lastly I have been a makeup artist and hair stylist for about 10 years now doing everything from bridal to fashion to special effects makeup. Tightening the underbust properly will further emphasize the waist and hipline, rather than eclipsing it. A longline bra makes for a smoother line, but any bra will lay better if you run your fingers inside the back of the band and pull it firmly down. NB -DELIVERY - Please note that the delivery price quoted through the website ordering system is based on average delivery costs when the ordered item is sent via a pallet-line service or for smaller items by a business-post service. If a corset cuts in at the back but is gapping at the sides, it may have the right circumference but be the wrong shape for your body and posture.
Size-wize, everyone compresses differently and each brand allows for varying degrees of reduction. This way, you don’t have the top of the corset pushing *up* with the snugness of the band pushing *down* on the same bit of skin. Wherever possible we try to personally deliver large items to your door when we can combine deliveries in an area; this does require flexibility for delivery date. This can always be covered with a bolero if you’re not in a position to have the fit at least partially personalized for your body. If you’re looking for more dramatic shaping and compression, you can use the guideline of a 15% reduction, minus your lacing gap. Of course, you should always check in with your corsetiere of choice, but this gives you a starting point! Your body may settle within the first 15 minutes, but as a day wears on it could reverse course into discomfort.

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