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At the end of the article you’ll find out how to use scale diagrams to play G major – and any other major scale – all over the guitar neck. In music notation, when a piece is in G, the F# is shown in the key signature at the beginning of the music. If you’re reading TAB, or using scale shape diagrams, you don’t have to worry about sharps or flats. The movable shape below should start on the 3rd fret of the 6th string to play a G major scale. Subscribe HereSubscribe to our FREE email newsletter for guitar lessons, news, information and articles. The symbols below will show you which fingers you need to use, so that you can play the scale without needing to read the sheet music.
The inside details are well under way: I chose to use two long benches to make it possible to hide the batteries. Here is a hard working Shay (the grade is over 5% and the logs on the flat cars are real) going up a homebuilt loop. This bug was built from a Lego MindStorm set (with a few parts borrowed from some other kits as well).

The G Scale Garden Railroad is designed to reflect the Granite Rock Quarry and Big Creek lumber.
G Scale Hobbies are specialists in the design and installation of G scale garden railways, Sydney, Australia. Distributors and agents for The Gauge 1 Model Company and Roundhouse Engineering's Living Steam. This means that all of the F notes in the piece should be played as F sharps (unless otherwise indicated by other symbols).
This means that the sharp symbol doesn’t have to be shown before all of the F notes in the scale. The following tab and notation shows a two-octave G major scale played in the 2nd position, starting on the 3rd fret of the 6th string.
This way, you only have to learn the fingering for one major scale in order to play them all, by playing the same shape in different positions on the fingerboard. Then, you can start to use the sheet music as a quick visual reference for which notes you need to play. Now submit a video through the video review service and our professors will send you some helpful feedback and practice suggestions to help you get it even better!

It uses an LGB diesel engine's power brick (one that comes in a starter kit, I think) with one axle removed. I scratchbuilt a new cab out of wood (my first G scale board by board model ever!), added some new front and rear couplers (home made link and pin) and a few other details.
You can see the home made front beam with its link and pin coupler (scratch built from brass). Featuring 50+ Live Trees, Flowers, 7 Bridges some of which are more than 6' long, 5 Water features all flowing into 2 ponds, and 3 Tunnels ranging 2-7 feet long. Here is the story behind its funny shape: this engine was in a locomotive shed that caught fire and burned to the ground.

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