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Freight train with color cargo containers passing railway station in winter with motion blur effect. This container train was descending from the North London Line to the West Coast Main Line, using a spur that does not feature on the passenger timetable but carries a heavy freight load.
HO Scale 25 ft x 25 ftHO Scale 25 ft x 25 ftA freelance version of the Pennsylvania Railroad is the theme of this club sized HO masterpiece. HO Scale 17 ft x 27 ftHO Scale 17 ft x 27 ftA little European flavor makes this layout different from the run of the mill.
O Scale 20 ft x 29 ftO Scale 20 ft x 29 ftThis layout of a lifetime has something for everyone!.
O Scale 30 ft x 70 ftO Scale 30 ft x 70 ftFor those who love watching long trains roll by, this layout should exceed their wildest dreams! O Scale 22 ft x 51 ftO Scale 22 ft x 51 ftThis model railroad layout is the ultimate family home entertainment center. O Scale 9 ft x 17 ftO Scale 9 ft x 17 ftA nostalgic walk down memory lane is the prevailing idea behind the creation of this compact but superbly detailed model railroad layout. S Scale 16 ft x 54 ftS Scale 16 ft x 54 ftA run from Chicago past the industrial northeast to the mountains of upstate New York is the theme of this New York Central based S Scale model railway. N Scale 10 ft x 14 ftN Scale 10 ft x 14 ftMajestic scenery emulating the Pacific Northwest is the overriding theme of this N Scale layout. California State Railroad MuseumCalifornia State Railroad MuseumThe Thomas Sefton Collection is a multi-million dollar exhibit of classic pre-WW2 trains and accessories, with this layout as its centerpiece.
Chicago Museum of Science & IndustryChicago Museum of Science & IndustryThe Great Train Story, one of the world’s largest HO scale model railroads, depicts modern rail transport and its varied functions. Ultimate Executive ToyUltimate Executive ToyFor those high net-worth individuals who think they have everything, this high-tech, state-of-the-art model railroad display is something uniquely different.

Nautical Models Nautical ModelsA contemporary model ship lends an air of class to any den, office, or living room. Weathered VehiclesWeathered VehiclesNo matter how nice a pre-fabricated model or miniature is, the one element that separates it from reality is always wear and tear. Industrial StructuresIndustrial StructuresOne of the most fascinating aspects of dioramas is that they can take the viewer where it's too dangerous or costly to go. Military DioramasMilitary DioramasThe machines of war, as well as their surroundings, have always made for popular dioramas. Mountains & SceneryMountains & SceneryOne of the hardest things for many model-makers to capture is the look of nature. Ringling Circus Museum Ringling Circus MuseumThe Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota, Florida, has the world’s largest collection of circus miniatures. High Rises and Commercial StructuresHigh Rises and Commercial StructuresThe best selling point for every high quality real estate sales presentation is a scale miniature of the real thing. Site ModelsSite ModelsWork out every detail of your planned project and examine it from every angle.
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Long freight train loaded with containers from China waiting on the tracks for a green light.
This layout is themed around Bavaria in the summer bringing back the nostalgia of the 1920's. SMARTT  site models will help you plot out all the details that make your site plan work.
Here are some of the terms railroaders and modelers alike use to refer to their freight trains: Manifest or general merchandise, unit trains, way freight-peddler-turn-switcher, transfer, maintenance of way or MOW, and mix trains.

Let’s take a more detailed look at these types of freight trains  The manifest or general merchandise freight is the oldest and the most common.
Prototypically modeled, a manifest freight could include every type of freight car of its era, including piggyback or container cars, as well as MOW cars being ferried to their next assignment. However, most refer to trains carrying the basic 10 freight cars; box, refrigerator, tank, chemical, gondola, open hopper, covered hopper, flat, auto rack, and caboose. In large city terminals where there are many railroads, they could be transferred to trains of other railroads. The first category is trains that are dedicated to carrying one commodity such as but not limited to coal, grain, chemicals, or aggregates. They can originate at a single loading facility such as an oil refinery or coal mine, or they can be made up in a large classification yard, for example a grain train. They are usually bound for a single unloading point, a power plant for coal or a port for grain; these represent two very good examples of unit trains.
However, there are trains that fall under this category that are made up of two or more different types of cars. They would carry large high cube box cars, flat cars with auto frames, and empty auto racks. The equipment used in this service is unique in that instead of the highway trailers being placed on flatcars, the trailers are equipped with special railroad truck bogies that are placed under the trailer, just behind the highway tires. This gives the railroad more flexibility and speed when it comes to converting from railroad car to highway vehicle.

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