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It is common to have a terminal station and goods sidings at each of the layout and a train is marshaled and sent along the line to the other terminus at the other end of the layout.
Simple model railroad tracks just don't seem to do the job anymore, so you will start thinking of complex model railroad tracks to make your hobby even more exciting. When buying more model train tracks, it is important to establish what type of tracks you need, depending on the overall layout of your train tracks.
Besides just straight and curved tracks, there are other types of tracks that a model train enthusiast can deploy. Crossings are types of model train tracks that are used when there are more than two trains on one model train track layout.
Be sure to establish the layout of your model train tracks before you purchase different types of train tracks. With E-Z Model Railroads, beginning and advanced modelers can learn how to set up and run a railroad using Bachmann's snap-fit E-Z Track system.

The design will ultimately depend on your interests and available resources including space.
This track layout allows you to open the throttle on your train and sit back and enjoy it passing by.
This process is much easier if you create a design of the railroad tracks before physically laying them.
Turnouts, flex tracks, and crossings are all different depending on the manufacturer's specifications. Careful planning is needed especially if you plan on running more than one model train on your tracks.
The types of trains you wish to run will also play a big part into determining the most suitable track plan. The circular track plan can be laid onto a solid baseboard with the operator watching over the entire layout.

Trains can depart a terminal station on your layout and run along a track until it disappears into a tunnel. From the observer's point of view, they will see different trains appearing from the tunnel, enter the station, turn around and drive back out through the tunnel. This method is really popular with model railway layouts which are exhibited at model train exhibitions as it keeps the audience entertained.
For example, if you have a 24 inch radius in your Atlas True Track, you will need 16 sections to finalize the 48 inch diameter.

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