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FVM has just announced their first round of Norfolk Southern heritage paint scheme GEVO units. Norfolk Southern is honoring its predecessor railroads during 2012, its 30th anniversary year, by painting new locomotives in commemorative schemes that reflect the heritage of those predecessors. FEATURES: - Hi-Ad or Steerable Trucks - Directional Headlight - Illuminated Ditch Lights - Smooth, Powerful drive with 5 Pole Motor and Dual Flywheels - Separate Cut Levers - Optional Metal Grab Irons - Blackened Metal Wheels - Easy to add DCC with Digitrax DZ125IN or Train Control Systems TCS EUN651. Fox Valley Models sent out Part 2 of their February announcements and shipping updates today.

A special FMC 5347 boxcar in United States Army yellow and red is also being released in 4 numbers. FVM has also released part numbers for the Norfolk Southern Heritage Series SD70ACe’s which were previewed at the Springfield, MA show last month. In 1999, Norfolk Southern expanded the scope of its heritage with its acquisition of a portion of Conrail.
Delivery of these units to your local hobby store is expected late 3rd quarter or 4th quarter.

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