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Fox Valley Models took a turn from its usual focus on N scale products and announced Friday at the National Train Show in Cleveland a new GP60 locomotive series in HO. Fox Valley Models announced at the National Train Show in Cleveland on Friday new production of an HO-scale GP60M diesel locomotive. The models feature numerous separately applied parts and details that include metal grab irons and lift rings, see-through  fans, MU hoses and cables, brass bells and horns and  detailed trucks and underbodies. FVM also is releasing eight versions of the GP60 in HO  and with the same details, plus road- and era-specific details. But Gaudysnki said that FVM will always consider HO-scale offerings based on demand and that more releases could be on the horizon.
While the GP60s have been produced in the past by Railpower, Athearn and Walthers, Gaudynski believes the FVM models offer a fresh look. The trains, on display at March’s Ozarks Model Railroad Association spring train show in Springfield, MO., offered a glimpse of early-day model railroading that didn’t require the then-luxury of electricity. Marklin and Joy Line were among early makers of windup trains, sometimes called clockwork trains that date to the 1800s. Marx became a major player in the windup world after purchasing Joy Line in 1934 to provide a quality, low-cost alternative to toy trains marketed by Lionel and American Flyer. Stephens, 59, spent much of his life in the model railroading industry, working first at age 14 to help his dad, Hugh, in the family’s model train importing business, Amro Ltd. In the mid-1970s, Stephens took his first position with Kalmbach Publishing, starting as a researcher for Airliners International magazine. While at Kalmbach, Stephens was instrumental in creating the firm’s online presence, and helped develop and guide the World’s Greatest Hobby promotion campaign, sponsored by Walthers, Kalmbach and several other model railroad companies. Described as passionate, dedicated and a tireless supporter of model railroading by friends and colleagues, Stephens ascended to high-ranking positions with two of the industry’s leading model manufacturers and distributors.
In 2007, Stephens became the third president to lead Athearn Trains, founded by industry icon Irv Athearn in 1947. About 39 percent of HMA’s membership responded to the survey, which was conducted by the University of Louisville School of Business in the fall of 2012.
HMA is the trade association for manufacturers, importers, publishers, producers and suppliers of all model hobby products and related accessories, including model railroading, radio-control and die-cast products. Crookedest RailwayMotorcycling around Colorado a few years ago, Mark Gardner happened on his next inspiration. TCMRM plans makeovers on layoutsThe Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum is enjoying a fresh lease on life. PLUS…The Arkansas Railroad Museum is putting the finishing touches on its rolling classroom. Railroads are reeling in costs amid last year's decline in freight traffic that ended a long run of record carloads and volumes. New Viewliner II baggage cars have been spotted on Amtrak’s Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle, possibly marking the end on the line for the heritage and conversion cars that have been the mainstays of Amtrak’s baggage car fleet for 45 years.
Also, don't miss Cowcatcher Heritage and the retrospectives on vintage trains that roamed the Midwest and Southwest. Railroad in FocusCowcatcher Magazine routinely features short lines and regional railroads that roam the Midwest and Southwest. Visit the N-scale Whitehurst & Pine Ridge Railroad, the official model railroad of the Cowcatcher Magazine.

For its move to Frisco, TX, the Museum of the American Railroad used cranes to place two vintage locomotives on flat cars. The Fox Valley ES44AC was that firm's first N scale locomotive model, and it made for a very impressive debut.
FVM appears to have followed Kato's lead insofar as this model employs something akin to Kato's so-called "shock absorber" design. For the more advanced among us, separate add-on etched and wire parts are included for installation by the modeler (grabs, windshield wipers, etc). Nice for the super detailers out there I suppose, but it does tend to leave us normal humans in the dust. Note - the first run of ES44DC models has a misprint on the label (where it says "AC" instead of "DC").
To remove the locomotive shell, simply grab the fuel tank with one hand, the shell with the other, and then just sort of wiggle it up and off. The model closely matches dimensions of the drawings published in the November 2004 issue of Model Railroader.
The EMD SD70ACe is a type of six-axle, 4,300hp AC-traction diesel locomotive which was first introduced in 2004, and has been in production since 2005. An EMD GP60 is a 4-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between 1985 and 1994. Fox Valley Models is proud to announce the Limited Edition, 1935 Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Project. Smooth and powerful DCC ready drive with working headlight, valve gear, separate grab irons, handrails, and knuckle couplers. Starting with the popular GEVO loco, these N Scale models now sport an improved nose with a notch where the headlights are normally placed, along with a four-window cab with a headlight above the windshield; although these changes are not quite 100% perfect for NS units, the prototype locos have had many changes to their features during production as well.
Fox Valley Models N scale already assembled GE ES44AC locomotive features having roadname appropriate detailing including headlight position and truck side frames, dual flywheel-equipped mechanism for smooth operation, and has a six-pin DCC decoder socket for easy conversion (decoder sold separately). After their releases, the model maker received numerous inquiries to produce the model in HO scale, says President Matt Gaudynski.
Since its inception a few years ago, Illinois-based FVM has focused on producing mostly non-mainstream N-scale products with only a small presence in the HO-rich market. Depending on build years and roads, the models will feature details like  rounded dynamic brake housing, nose lights, small plow and  fuel tank and roof top details including AC & antennas, and ditch lights. Every few minutes, he turned the key and wound vintage locomotives that pulled a handful of cars around a couple of loops of track. A series of gears and springs turn wheels under tension after being wound like a timepiece.
Like the Joy Line trains, the first Marx trains were key-wound and made from inexpensive tin. His career path took him into both advertising and marketing for various Milwaukee-based agencies, eventually bringing him back to Kalmbach in 1998 as vice president of marketing. A long-time friend of the entire Walthers family, he joined Walthers three years later to direct and develop a major overhaul and update of Walthers product branding. All data was transmitted anonymously to protect the confidentiality of responding companies. It was different than most that the interior designer and builder had over the years while exploring the dusty corners of Colorado, Utah and Arizona.

Their footprint of small plots from the Panhandle south to Central Texas is well-positioned to manage the slowdown in the rail industry in a big way.
The Cowcatcher staff transforms an HO-scale Middletown & New Jersey 50' Berwick boxcar into a work of art with Weathering Solutions graffiti decals.
Features include color photographs and maps, but an overview of operations and latest business trends. On the downside, they are pretty much limited to 11"-radius curves and broader (anything sharper than that and the wheels are derailing).
The air-to-air dual-fan heat exchanger is particularly well executed, with the fan blades visible under the grill. A separate plastic piece, which fits over the mechanism, has molded traction motor cable detail.
This classic train has been faithfully recreated to celebrate the Trains's 75th Anniversary. This also has metal etched and plastic applied details, authentic decoration, and is equipped with Micro Trains couplers. Locomotives and cars sported lithographed logos (New York Central was popular), and an early five-piece set without track sold for $2. He advanced to senior level management with Kalmbach Publishing and Athearn Trains before joining Walthers in 2010. The survey was designed to give the industry valid statistics for business use by HMA members, lending institutions, potential new entrepreneurs and industry retailers. Beyond only about 50 miles of combined mainline on the Texas Northwestern (TXNW), Texas Rock Crusher (TXR) and Texas, Gonzales and Northern (TXGN) railways is a wealth of storage space to tie up cars temporarily sidelined because of downturns in U.S. Louis-Southwestern (Cotton Belt) Relief Train Kitchen car has been undergoing a transformation into a classroom, small meeting and birthday party room for the past three years. Hidden behind the electrical cabinet doors on the rear wall of the cab, the GP60 concealed a trio of microprocessors that monitored and managed a host of engine, cooling system and control functions. Stephens also played a significant role in the development and promotion of new Walthers products, including the Hulett Unloader and some yet to be released projects, while building relationships with vendors and suppliers worldwide.
Through cuts along the rugged terrain he saw the narrow paths where short ore trains once twisted and turned along the Uintah Railway. The engine's on-board microprocessors replaced hundreds of wiring circuits, dozens of relays and all but one module card, making it an improvement among EMD's engines.Power was provided by a 16-cylinder 710G3A diesel engine, which could produce 3,800 horsepower.
Followed by America's first Tap - Cafe car, three Coaches, a Parlor car and Milwaukee's unique Beaver Tail Observation. Makeovers on several aging layouts will begin after TCMRM vacates its home for the last 31 years at Bandana Square.
Cabless units of this locomotive model were also built; they were known as GP60B models, purchased exclusively by the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Due to the mainstream focus of railroads on powerful six-axle units, the GP60 will most likely be the last new EMD "Geep".

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