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Fleischmann manufactures a full line of high-quality european locomotives, rolling stock and track in ho, n, and oe narrow gauge scale (magic train) including an.
Marklin, trix, roco, fleischmann, piko, mth, hag, faller, vollmer, esu, viessmann, busch, schuco, preiser, noch, herpa, micro-trains, ladeguter bauer – the best in. Fleischmann model trains in ho and fleischmann n gauge, fleischmann accessories, track and electronics.. Roco acquires fleischmann consolidation continues in the european model railroad market as austrian manufacturer roco gmbh has acquired fleischmann, headquartered in.
The company bought the model boat machinery and tooling from Bing when they ceased to exist in August 1932. Nowadays, Fleischmann is a well-established brand name in the German model railroad industry, rivalling Marklin in market share.
Most Fleischmann HO products are made for the two-rail direct current system, but they make three-rail, Marklin-compatible (AC) versions of some locomotives.

In 2008, Fleischmann was acquired by Modelleisenbahn GmbH, the former Roco Manufacturing Company.
Max Bein, who was Sondheim’s nephew, joined the company just before the outbreak of the First World War as a third partner. The company had a change of ownership in the late 1930’s when Fleischmann took it over. Then Fleischmann took over Doll et Cie in 1939 and began making trains for which they are renowned today. Since they focus almost exclusively on central European prototypes, Fleischmann is relatively unknown outside that area. They also market replacement non-insulated wheelsets for use with their rolling stock on three-rail systems.
In January 2009 Roman & Company became the North American distributor for the Fleischmann product line.

During the company’s early years, production concentrated on stationary steam engines and accessories.
The original founders were Jewish and thus were being victimized by the Nazi regime, and the Aryanization laws, prompting the handover. These steam toys were widely distributed throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Max Bein and his family managed to escape Germany and the horrors of the Holocaust, winding up in the United States, and settling in the Boston area. After the war, Fleischmann offered to return the company back to the original owners, but they declined, accepting a buyout of their shares instead.

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