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100% prototypical, it adds a whole new dimension to the model, not to mention a smile to the beholder! Various steps can be taken to reduce and avoid this risk though, and that is the purpose of this guide. Firstly, investigate the space you have available beneath your loco's chimney - is it deep enough to take a Seuthe unit?
A loco with a short chimney, such as an A3, Duchess, or West Country Class is a good candidate for smoke. If you are particularly worried about the plastic chimney becoming misshapen, you could consider replacing it with a metal one instead. Such replacement chimneys can be obtained from a variety of sources, such as South East Finecast, Alexander Models, Alan Gibson Workshop etc.
Check that your decoder is up to the job of supplying the power required to operate the smoke generator (anything from 70mA up to 180mA).

I am trying to fit a Seuthe No 22 smoke unit into a Hornby streamlined coronation loco fitted with a Hornby R8249 decoder. Additionally I find that there is benefit in adding the additional yellow wire to the white one as it provides additional current and means it will smoke while travelling fwd and reverse.
6029 King Stephen wrote:Thanks Pete,I now have smoke puffing out of the chimney at a standstill. This guide will show how to install DCC sound, smoke and full lighting in a Hornby Flying Scotsman R3086 Railroad model.
The YouChoos lamps go in, and we route the wiring along the outside underneath back into the body. Next, neaten the wires, add resistors to the positive wires of all LEDs, and prepare for connection to the decoder. YouChoos specialises in the creation of digital sound projects for Zimo DCC decoders, featuring an extensive library of authentic sounds for British locomotives.

The full range of Zimo digital equipment is available to purchase from YouChoos, as well as many other items to bring your railway to life. Visit the Gallery to explore the possibilities and to find inspiration or browse our installation guides to find out how to fit them yourself. This can also be achieved of course by mapping the decoder functions to fwd and reverse respectively for the lighting outputs. If the mapping supplied by the decoder maker is not what the user wants, its necessary to change some CV's to alter the mapping.
Soldering iron and solderAsbestos fingers (you WILL burn yourself!)And the usual screwdrivers, craft knife etc.

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