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Licence: Creative commons attribution license, Please check author page for more information. FasTrak has provided me false information, failed to respond to my requests for proof and charged me for "violations" that I have no recolection of committing. I have a Fastrak account, I was using Toll Road mostly, and Toll Road was receiving their money thru Fastrak. I found out through a call to Fastrak that all invoices for the past 7-8 months were sent to my lease co and not to me so they were never received by me for payment. I had my credit card stolen and tried to go online at the Fastrak site and found that I could not access my account. I found out when I needed to pay for my car registration that I owe Fastrak $5, 927.00 and must pay that amount in order to clear the DMV hold and get my registration sticker for my car. I received my 2 DMV rgistration renewal 1 has more than 5k Fastrak penalty and the other one has 2k - Fastrak penalty.
I was just sent a notice of toll evasion with NO PICTURE listing my 2006 Bimota motorcycle as the offending vehicle which has not left my garage for 2 years and is dissasembled! Not once, not twice, not three times , but 5 or more times I have used fastrak's ONLY 2 sources of payment for the gg bridge toll only to be told that I never even payed or attempted to, that I evaded my toll and am bombarded with ridiculous fees 10 times the amount of the 1 toll that I owe, attempted to pay and their system does not process it. I become overdawn on my checking account - found out that with a positive balance well above replenishment they took $150 - gave no credit to my acct. I have already paid near $3000 to fastrak for tolls as well as they garnished $1800 from my refund last year. Ill advised by representative on phone, and online account showing positive balance, received 8 violations that I disputed. A car belonging to City Car Share was improperly registered on my Bay Area Fastrak toll tag. The only choice they gave now is to pay the violation and request an Administrative review.
Hold on registration results in not being able to use the only car we own for the last three years. I recently received a Fastrak 2007 violation notification 3 years after moving back to california from New York that I owe $814.00 in toll violations (most of this amount is penalties). I have only crossed the bridge for 3 times without any balance in my Fastrak account totaling in $15. Fastrak has placed a hold on my DMV registration in the amount of $3K for toll violations while I currently have a Fastrak account in good standing.
I am writing regarding fraud & unauthorized user CA4YDV622 stole funds from my account 15 times toll fees.
I called again sometime in the summer, operator was very rude and patient and said she can recognize my voice since I call all the time and told me don’t call any more.
I was wondering why I have to suffer if FasTrak is waiting to get money back from CA4YDV622?
Customers sign up Fastrak to save time, but this headache and FasTrak’s rude, unprofessional, inefficient, unfair and irresponsible services cost me thousand time pain and angry to get my money back.

We’ve used Fastrak ever since it started when I commuted to Berkeley from San Francisco.
FasTrak has also denied me access to any records of previous phone calls, all records of previou violations, simply stating that "it is in the system as a violation". I inquired about having these removed, but the toll violations have to be remvoved before they adjust my account. They put a DMV hold on my car until I pay them $4070.00 Everytime I went through the tolls with a low balance, they charged me hundreds of dollars.
I requested using their forgot password process but was sent back to the same original page and was still unable to login. For some reason, Fastrak continues to ignore this account and send me violations after the fact that have now turned into DMV holds.
In 2011 I opened a Fastrak account and they had the wrong license plate until I corrected it so I am being billed for tickets that I had a fastrak for during that time.
I contested the violation since I have never crossed this bridge on any motorcycle in my whole life!
I search and found out they are making way to many mistakes, probably on purpose to make money. I will not be able to work to make the money to pay this outrageous fine if I can not REGISTER and therefore OPERATE my vehicle!
The lanes are free for carpoolers and motorcyclists, but solo drivers with a FasTrak device can use them for a fee.Under new rules seeking to reduce diamond lane cheating, carpoolers in much of the Bay Area will be required to get a FasTrak transponder to drive in toll lanes. I’ve never had problems until recently when we were not getting any recognition of the unit at the toll plaza. FasTrak has also put a DMV hold on my car until I pay them the disputed amount, thereby forcing me to pay a disputed amount without providing any proof or reasoning behind their claims. Listen to the payment options and you will hear: do nothing and drive, pay when you receive a invoice.
My account was always up to date so I chose not to use Fastrak anymore because I couldn't get anywhere with them and started paying tolls with cash.
Two months ago, I go to the DMV to pay my registration and I am told that I have to pay 5,613.00 up front because of Fastrak violations.
The reason I'm having to dispute this for the 3rd time in 2 years is because I don't have a credit card for automatic payments.
My account was sent to collections and they are forcing me to pay $309.50 for tickets since they said that my license plate wasn't registered to the correct fastrak device. I was threatened with dmv holds, booting on my car, and non stop fees from their customer service rep.I was told there was NOONE I could speak with , at all. Additionally, other City Car Share members have used that car through toll plazas, for which I was charged. Then when I went to renew my DMV registration, I was notified that I owed thousands of Fastrak penalties. I called James Davis, the manager of Fastrak years ago and he apologized and said he would update my account and contact Law Enforcement Systems.

Essentially, Bay Area Fastrak was double charging - both me, and City Car Share - for the same toll.
Drivers who have FasTrak transponders now will need to trade them in for the new ones when they are available.The new law takes effect Jan. We thought nothing of it, but when the violations arrived in the mail we had to resolve it. I called Fastrak to see if we could work something out because this is the first I am hearing of these violations. Due to some amounts overdrawing my debit card account, Fastrak tries to charge me $75 toll violations that were paid later on my account for the regular toll amount of $4-$6.
Even though we rarely pass over bridges nowadays, Fastrak can come in handy at SFO for parking. Since it was the holidays and I was strapped for cash (I am a freelance contractor) I decided to wait until Jan 1. I have 70 toll violations for this $5,927.00 amount, but according to Fastrak my account is not showing this and is considered a good account. When I called back to speak with James, Evangeline would not allow me to speak with him and she said that he had no recollection of our conversation and nothing was in the notes, therefor they couldn't help me. I have always paid in a reasonable time, and have been told at least 5 or 6 times that these violations would be removed once my bill was paid in full.
Need to clear this up and fast, my registration is now 6months expired and my insurance is paid and valid. Rob Schneyer, of Santa Clara, says the CHP presence on Highway 237 is very thin and needs beefing up. I cannot afford to pay this and now if I get stopped for not having a sticker I risk getting my car impounded. He drives a Nissan Leaf and is frequently crowded by carpool cheaters."They are not enforcing the express lane rules," he said. I spoke to an officer and he suggested to at least pay my standard registration fees just in case I get pulled over so that I can show that the tolls are in dispute but it stresses me out now every time I drive my car for fear that I will get pulled over. I tried to work out a payment plan as I need to DRIVE to and from work as well as to get my son where he needs to go.
The Fastrak supervisor recommended that I file for bankruptcy, which makes me sick, but I am researching because I do not know of ANYBODY who has 5,613.00 that I could even borrow! Yet 30 percent of carpoolers say they would not continue to carpool with the transponder requirement for privacy reasons, fearing it would allow the government to track their movement and location.
But backers of the new law say concerns that 3 out of 10 carpoolers would no longer share a ride to work are overblown."There are few if any worries of this leading to a decline in the number of legitimate carpools," said John Goodwin, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in Oakland.

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