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05-06 arnt high enough for my liking, iv sat on em before yes there higher and more comfy then my stock seat however id like it higher. Iv been looking for a 05-06 seat but all i can find are green and black ones, if i could get an all black one id consider that route but no luck. US Cellular recently began selling the LG Optimus F7 through its web site and retail stores.

Like if i bought a green and black one could i get the green off somehow or is my only option getting it recovered? You will be notified via e-mail if you are the winner!*Please note that while international readers may submit their Collections, we are only able to award and ship prizes to winners within the United States. New Plastic Rivets - most likely you'll destroy your old ones as you remove the stock undertail.

So we supply you 4~6 new OEM rivets for installation, Check around to see how many sellers supply them with their products.

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