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Model railroad track with an integrated roadbed makes assembling a track layout much easier than using standard track.
Although many American model railroaders have never heard of it, TT scale is alive and well in Europe. MTH Realtrax offers a blackened center rail in a three-rail O scale integrated roadbed track. Includes all the steel alloy E-Z Track you need to create a complete 76a€? x 39a€? Figure 8. Integrated roadbed track is perfect for beginners and children because it's easy to assemble and take apart, and it works much better on carpet than standard track.
An oval of approximately 40  by 60  Fastrack is included in all of recent Lionel's train sets. However, no model railroad track works well on deep shag carpet (with the possible exception of the O gauge integrated roadbed tracks).

I'm very happy with Unitrack, although the HO selection of track pieces is a bit limited. But what makes True-Track unique is that it is actually Atlas Snap-Track brand track attached to a plastic roadbed base.
The 20 piece expansion set includes two turnouts (one left and one right) and presents some interesting layout possibilities.
To my knowledge they are the only S scale manufacturer that offer an integrated roadbed track in S gauge. Lionel offered a blackened center rail version of Fastrack for a while, but discontinued it. Today the majority of model railroad electric train sets are packaged with an integrated roadbed track. Their E-Z Command Turnouts come in nine varieties, including #5 left, right and wye turnouts and #6 left, right, left single crossover, and right single crossover.

S-Trax uses code 131 rail, which S-Helper asserts is the correct scale rail for Pennsylvania Railroad prototype tracks.
Interestingly though, Tillig also sells snap-on roadbed for their Advanced Track, which results in a system similar to Atlas' HO scale True-Track. At the time of this writing S-Trax is available in three straight lengths, three curve radii, and both #3 and #5 switches (turnouts); with more pieces to follow.
Judging by the limited information available, it doesn't appear that the N scale True-Track incorporates standard track and a removable roadbed.

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