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This styrene sheet is extremely thin ( in this case about the width of a pencil line) and therefore very flexible. For more strip and sheet styrene as well as other building materials please check my growing range of evergreen, plasticard and arcane scenery products. Check out the range of Arcane Scenery items in my store to help you create brilliant battlefield scenery for dioramas and wargame tables.

If you need glue for your model, I sell Revell Contacta Adhesive, Revell professional polysterene glue or Super glue. If you need glue for your models, I sell Revell Contacta Adhesive, Revell Professional polystyrene glue and a range of super glues and other adhesives. This is a pack of one sheet of plastic styrene with a profile as shown in the above picture.  This scenic material is ideal for use on wargame tables, railway layouts or for bases of figures or dioramas.

Wood grain can be easily added to styrene by dragging a razor saw across the surface of the plastic.

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