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For those of you who don't EV train your pocket monsters, google or bing or search the technical explanation. I'm not sure if anyone will get the punch line since I didn't have enough room to draw more that two dead Gyarados-s in the final panel, the wording is kinda off, and that this idea was funnier in my mind back in the beginning.
This is the old method from previous gens, requiring you to seek out and battle Pokemon that give you specific EV’s. A quick search on the internet can give you a run of easy-to-find Pokemon and locations to level each EV. This method can take 30 minutes to 2 hrs depending on what EV training items you are using and the Pokemon and area you choose to battle. The first screen with the Effort-O-Meter you see will show you the EV distribution of the Pokemon in your party.
Clicking on the punching bag or completing Super Training minigames will give you Training Bags, which give EV’s or boosts to Super Train more easily. You can sometimes get Reset bags by clicking the punching bag on the Super Training Effort-O-Meter screen. You will need to fight 5 hordes + 1 individual of each Pokemon above in order to max out EV’s for one stat.
After you have maxed out your 510 total EV’s, you can use the Effort-O-Meter on Super Training to double check that your Pokemon is fully EV trained. Following the items and steps above, you can EV train as many Pokemon as you want in under 10 minutes each! Power Items – These items give 4 additional EV points to a corresponding stat, halves holder’s Speed. All intellectual property rights in and to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are owned by Game Freak, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company, including copyrighted images from the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y and trademarks from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Have you ever noticed that some people's Pokemon have one or two really high stats but lower than usual stats in a different area? For example, fighting a Nidoqueen gives 3 EV points to HP, while fighting a Machamp gives 3 EV points to Attack. Keep in mind, however, that while some Pokemon may give a high number of EV points in a particular stat, those Pokemon may be hard to find.
The major downside it that the wings only increase 1 stat and which wing you find is random. You can only have a maximum of 255 EV points in any stat, and a total of 510 EV from all stats.
If your Pokemon is at a low level, you won't see the effects of your EV training immediately, since EVs are distributed by levels. It is recommended that you do this the instant you catch a Pokemon - whenever your Pokemon beats another, it will get EVs. In Diamond and Pearl, there are 6 items (one for each stat) that can be obtained at the Battle Tower which boost the amount of EVs by four. If you are lucky enough to obtain the Pokerus virus, be aware that after roughly 24 hours in the party, any infected Pokemon will be unable to pass on the virus anymore and will never catch it again. If your EV count in a certain stat has gone above 100 and you've lost track, use an EV lowering Berry - Hondew, Grepa, Pomeg, Tamato, Qualot and Kelpsy - which will lower that EV to exactly 100. Magnemite (27) Suppose he could pull off a Sonic Boom with Sturdy, but apart from that can't do anything.
My team was around the same level if not lower so beating him with your current team is possible.
If you count the lottery "mini-game" most games come with, then most games have infinite master balls.

The earliest Fire Stone available is in the southwest part in the Desert Resort, south of a backpacker.
If chansey is not in the game, then you'll probably find one oval stone after finishing the game. As far as i'm aware, there are no Chansey that can be gotten in this game besides evolving. For a super short and watered down version, defeating certain will earn you more stat points for the pokemon you're training. I would hate for the that particular species of pokemon to die off just because they give off +2 in Attack stats. You will need to use a Pokemon to unlock up to Level 3 of Super Training, which gives the max of 12 EV’s gained per minigame.
These are VERY helpful to reset your Pokemon’s EV’s if you messed up somewhere!
If you haven’t done this already, it will take about an hour to get these items which cost 96 BP total.
The fastest way to get a Pokemon with Pokerus is through trade – ask a friend or look in a forum. Since many of a Pokemon’s initial states (or IVs) are determined by their parents stats, you will want to use Pokemon with good stats in order to breed Pokemon with good stats.
Every time your Pokemon fights in a battle, even if it’s only for a single turn, it will gain EV points from that battle.
Know which Pokemon give which EV points and only fight if those are EV points that you want. In the early stages of EV training, your Pokemon may not be able to defeat the Pokemon it needs to in order to gain the EV points you want.
Some Pokemon give only 1 EV point when they are battled, while some give 3 points![1] If you want to EV train your Pokemon quickly, try to have them battle the Pokemon who give the most points in the stat you are trying to improve.
You may be better off fighting Pokemon which are easy to encounter but still give at least a point or two in the stat (or stats) you want. There are a variety of items that you can equip on your Pokemon to make them gain EV points faster.
Wings are items which can occasionally be found on Marvellous Bridge and Driftveil Drawbridge. Since your EV Trained Pokemon will only see so many battles, you will need to have an alternative way to level it. If you're playing competitively, then each of your Pokemon will have a role and you should make the stats you're going to use the highest.
Don't worry if this is the case; your Pokemon is still receiving the EVs you're giving it, and you'll see the effects gradually as the Pokemon levels up. This item, like Pokerus, doubles the amount of EVs your Pokemon gets, but also lowers speed during the battle.
As an Admin, Booster, and Welcomer, Connor takes on many roles around the community; his favorite things to do on wikiHow are reviewing recent changes, boosting new articles, voting on article deletions, and doing clean-up and organizing tasks around the site and in the wikiHow forums. In the case of this comic, Luxray is EV training for Attack points, since that is what you earn when you defeat enough Gyarados-s. If you want perfect control over your Pokemon’s EVs, you’ll want to start from the minute they’re born, when their EVs are still a blank slate. Because of this, you will want to be very careful about using your Pokemon in battles until they have maxed out their EVs.
You can give your Pokemon up to 10 vitamins, meaning that this is a fast way to get 100 EV points (out of the limit of 510 EV points).

The best item is the Macho Brace, which doubles all EV points gained but cuts your Pokemon’s speed.
For example, if a Pokemon already has a high Attack stat, it would be a good idea to EV train their Attack stat. In the other games (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, Leaf Green, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X, and Y) it's easy if you mark it down on paper.
The first article Connor ever worked on was How to Start a Writer's Notebook, and his proudest accomplishment since then was becoming a New Article Booster. Breed Pokemon in order to get eggs in your desired species that you can raise and train to be the best! Other items, like a Power Weight or a Power Belt, only double a single stat but still cut the speed.
Although it is possible to battle a Pokemon with Pokerus (which can only be received by said method by battling with a Pokemon and not by running), you will most likely have better luck receiving one over trade.
While these give less points than vitamins, they don’t have a limit, so you can use as many as you want (assuming you can find them). You may want to reset your EVs, say, if you accidentally used your Pokemon in a battle or if you decided to EV train a Pokemon after you had had it for a little while and it had seen a few battles. Though people might be willing to trade you an infected Pokemon if you request one in a trading forum.
The only definite way to tell anything about EVs in Ruby and Sapphire is to talk to the Effort Ribbon lady in Slateport City - she will give your Pokemon a ribbon if it has all 510 of its EVs. EV’s are gained as an additional bonus on top of the normal increases from leveling up.
Share, which when held by a Pokemon will give it the experience and EVs from a battle even if it does not fight. Much like a regular virus, once one of your Pokemon catches the virus, it can spread to your other Pokemon. They cost $4800 and are found in a lot of different places, depending on which game you are playing. However, you will want to avoid items which might lower your EVs if you do not want them lowered. The purpose of this condition is to double the amount of EVs a Pokemon gets when defeating another. In regular gameplay and normal battle, EV’s are earned depending on the Pokemon that you defeat. Another trick is to use the Pokemon in only one round and then switch it for another, stronger Pokemon. This virus will double the EVs you get from battles and works with the other items which increase EVs gained. So if that Pikachu battled four Ralts and had Pokerus, it would get (1*4)*2=8 EVs and 2 stat points. If you wanted to max out the EV’s in a certain stat, you often had to seek out and fight the same Pokemon over and over.

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