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Version 1 (as it is now known) of the MGB was located in a storage shed behind Brett and Jeanne Scott's home. Upon moving into Brett and Jeanne's home, we began construction on a new layout in May 2005 (now known as version 2 - see Photos).
We don't expect everyone to understand our motives, but the members of the MGB Model Railroad Club believe on having a good time in all that we do. Our inspiration for this first layout came from the Peace River RR track plan found in the 48 Top Notch Track Plans book from Model Railroader Magazine. The MGB's model railroad will eventually fill most of the 18' by 49' room above their garage. We didn't finish version 2 before realizing that we'd made some serious errors in judgment.

Good question, looking back over the guest log, we have had visitors from Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and California. We typically meet once a week to "work" on the layout, which means we are not running trains, but doing other things (for example expanding the layout, repairing rolling stock, painting buildings, etc.) Two Saturdays each month we meet to "play", which means we don't do anything but run trains! For two reasons-first of all, it's a salute to Mayberry and the simple life the Andy Griffith show represents and secondly, it sits atop our first module and is therefore the MGB version 2's pilot project. Mainly, after visiting some other really outstanding layouts, we decided that version 2 was just not going to offer much in the way of rail operations. We have a 5 minute course on how to operate a utility throttle and how to safely drive a train.
Our railroad is operated through the use of a Digitrax Digital Command Control (DCC) system.

For comparison, Thelma Lou Lake sits at an elevation of 537 feet, while Foggy Bottom Station is at an elevation of 538 feet.
Each locomotive contains a computer chip (a decoder) which allows it to receive instructions from the DCC system. Each locomotive has a unique DCC address (sort of like a house number), which under our system, is the same as its locomotive number.
Our new "ultimate" layout will focus on railroad operations and will, we believe, be a trainload of fun to operate (both literally and figuratively).

Rolling guide rails
Bachmann 0-6-0 chassis
N gauge sound fitting service
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