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We have worked with ESU sound decoders for many years, and they are still in very many ways our favourites.
We stock the full range of ESU sound decoders, speakers and accessories, and have over 100 exclusive sound files that we have created for specific locomotive prototypes in addition to the several hundred already available from ESU. We always load ESU sound to order and for those who buy their sound decoders from us, we offer a free re-load service if you damage the sound file in some way. ESU's LokSound 73700 series Select Direct is the only US-oriented Sound decoder that will allow reliable reading and programming on all DCC systems, without the need for special program track boosters. Decoders available compatible with AC, DC, digital and analogue modes, NEM 651, NEM 652 and 21 pin MTC interface.
Digital sets available to convert Delta-locos and a decoder tester allows you test decoder functionality without having to install it first.

NEW LokSound Select allows you to use a choice of engine sounds and a range of other sound and lighting effects. ESU gives you total over your layout with a range of controllers, command stations, remotes, boosters, radio and feedback modules. From the ESU Navigator to ECoS control units for small to large layouts, with remote infrared or radio units allowing you to move around your layout. NEW LED lighting modules for N, HO, TT and G scale passenger cars give realistic lighting with a choice of warm-white or yellow light to suit different epochs. LokSound V4 XL Large Scale Multiprotocol (inc M4) Sound decoder with Screw Connectors is a seriously well equipped decoder. There are occasionally debates about 'which is best' but its our experience that feature-wise there is nothing missing at all from ESU and sound quality-wise, its up there with the best of them.

ESU DIRECT Select Sound decoder is a 'Board replacement' decoder for many modern lighting boards including Athearn Genesis, Atlas, Bowser-Stewart, and Intermountain.
A range of models for DCC, Motorola and Märklin preloaded with a choice of hundreds of sounds.
Price includes loading of your sound file and one LokSound 4, 4-ohm Speaker of your choice.
We also offer a full installation service for those who would like to have sound but do not feel confident about the installation process.

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