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0 Liliput L133941 H0 Electric train set Domino of the SBB Order no.:" 499441 - 62 Would you like to link to this product from your website or forum? The Train Crossing is known for our high quality train sets and our exceptional customer service.
Not only do we sell the highest quality electric toy train sets, from the best brands on the market, but we will buy back the train sets that you no longer want.
We also love to do trades, when you want to upgrade your electric toy train set to a bigger, better set – or even when you want to get your younger kids involved in your favorite hobby and want to switch out your big set for one that’s more kid friendly. We can also service your entertainment needs with our impressive selection of affordable and exciting inflatable games.

We therefore recommend that you enable JavaScript on your browser in order to take advantage of all our websites special features.You can also you use our shop without JavaScript. If it’s just been collecting dust in your garage, or you need to just make a little money, we’d love to take your old train set off your hands and give it some love and care by fixing it up before giving it a new home. Come in to talk to our train enthusiasts and get paired up with the new love of your life, a beautiful train set that your family will work on and pass down for generations to come. Simply fill-out the form below and a representative of the company will contact you shortly.
Whether it’s a set that reminds them of their childhood past, is a valuable collectable, or a new project for a beginning train enthusiast, we’re there to help you figure out which train is for you.

All postage rates quoted are rates per order (even if we split your order into separate deliveries).

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