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Comment by Ralph van den BergPosted on 10 March, 2010If you've created some cool images, you can post the links to them here in the comments. Zapping microbes with electricity could replace tonnes of chemicals used in cleaning up mining wastewater, thanks to scientists who have developed a new water treatment system. Microbes are already used in conventional wastewater treatments to mop up contaminants by adding or removing electrons. The researchers from the University of Utah say that their electrobiochemical reactor (EBR) system bypasses the addition of excess chemicals by feeding electrons directly to the microbes.
He adds, ''The metal contaminants are removed and collected in a form that can be recycled.
The low voltage used by the EBR can also easily be generated using a small solar power grid, helping to minimise the overall environmental impact. Following their successful trial in treating wastewater at an inactive gold mine, Adams and his colleagues are now embarking on a second pilot-scale study at a mine for silver and other metals in Canada's Yukon Territory. Although the research team are focusing on removing metals from mining wastewater, Adams points out that EBR has great potential for other applications. The science of ocean chemistry tells us much more about carbon in the atmosphere and water.

When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered. Aurora’s activities today in the Avenue¬†are working towards Willow Court having a good supply of electric power along with others in the Avenue, by the photos this is very close to finishing.
Willow Court has a lack of electric power and security, but this last week and this week the Avenue will be closed while underground cables are installed. But to work effectively, they need to be 'fed' using vast amounts of nutrients and chemicals.
This boosts how quickly they can clean up pollutants, such as arsenic, mercury, selenium, nitrates and sulphates. It is not only orangutans that are affected by lack of planning and knowledge in wildlife reintroductions. The slow but steady investment in private enterprise and international partnerships with aid have brought some environmental improvements and greater water security in the dry, extreme climates found in the region. What you'll find is a very addictive drawing app that you can use to create stunning abstract flame fractals in a matter of minutes. The need to encourage people to understand exactly how important these corals are also appears to be a major factor in battling global warming, climate change and this acidification that is changing the oceans.

The situation on the ground and in the labs that unearth genetic mistakes is made clear with painstaking research.
They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea. The future could leave us with little wildlife in Africa, SE Asia or in fact, anywhere, unless the planning is logical and forward-looking. Just wave your mouse around to get the pointers jiggling about and click and hold to draw lines and waves of electricity.
After a couple runs you can play with the sliders at the bottom to add different touches to your artwork.
When you're done, hit "save" and you'll be presented with a 1680x1050 pixel JPG of your work ready to be loaded as your new wallpaper.

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