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Remember that flurry of excitement earlier this year after Philly Startup Leaders co-founder Blake Jennelle helped stir up a conversation on why Philadelphia had to be among the five most emerging entrepreneurial markets in the country. It might be important to note that while the region itself is working hard to develop a consensus on its direction, the destination of the Philadelphia startup is hardly accepted more universally. Christopher Wink is a cofounder and Editorial Director of Technical.ly, the local technology news network. Tens of millions of Earthlings live and work in the bustling and seemingly intertwined American mega-metropolis of the Philadelphia-New York City-Boston corridor (bottom-center splotch) captured in this stunning “Cities at Night” panorama of the East Coast of the United States along the Atlantic seaboard (image above). The gorgeous panorama showing a portion of the Earth at Night and the atmospheric limb and light activity from the Aurora Borealis was snapped by the Expedition 30 crew living and working aboard the million pound International Space Station (ISS) on Jan. Lately, the 6 man international crew of Expedition 30 from Russia, Holland and the US have been on a roll taking one after another magnificent Nighttime pictures of our Home Planet, Auroras’ and celestial wonders like Comet Lovejoy. Be sure to take a comparative look at the recent panorama of Western Europe at Night snapped by the ISS crew a week before on Jan 22 – here. To test your geography smarts, here’s a map of the US East Coast highlighting much of what’s visible in the ISS panorama. European ‘Cities at Night’ from the ISS with station solar arrays and robotic hand in foreground.
Meanwhile, two of the Expedition 30 crew members, Russian Flight Engineers Oleg Kononenko and Anton Shkaplerov, are preparing for a spacewalk on Friday, Feb. Is that not Eastern Canada, including Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, & Newfoundland seen in the far right?
Failing that, as was suggested – if over-population is such a concern for you there is a way you can make a direct contribution to reduce it!
I understand most of my opinions are based on subjective logic rather than factual evidence.
It saddens me to think most of the problems in developing countries could be solved by a little population control.
Isn’t improving the standard of living for as many individuals as possible practically the meaning of life, if there is one? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
By Steve Leave a Comment It was around February and ironically, we had gotten around 6 repossession orders the same day. Strange enough while we did have to skip trace these out pretty good, we really didn’t have any issues at all with any of them, they were all relatively close to the original addresses, at least in the same cities or close enough. It was a fishing boat just across from where I was staying in NY so that was the first shot. It was still pitch black and ice cold, he finally showed with another guy for a 2 man crew. As you can see while getting 6 repossessions in a week is not unusual, the thing with this that was unusual is they were all in a row almost as if the banks knew I was in NYC that week with my car. Steven Cohen is the founder of Repossession HQ and it's affiliated sites with HQ Group which offers complicated skip trace and fraud consulting in the upscale financial industry. Repossession Headquarters is a site written by the ultimate repossession agents working every imaginable aspect in the industry, investigators, worldwide skip trace experts and finance industry executives with years of experience in the business. The EAST COAST of the USA is a wondrous mixture of the exciting history, culture and natural beauty of the eastern seaboard. Atlantic City Casino gaming, Spas, World-class entertainment, Nightlife, Fine Dining, Ocean Boardwalk.
Tysons Corner Center is one of the largest shopping malls on the East Coast with almost 300 stores and shops and is located just minutes from Washington, DC. All About the Florida Keys Unusual but breathtaking: the warm, emerald waters nurture living coral that supports a complex, delicate ecosystem of plants and animals.

The East Coast of the United States stretches from the wilds of the Canadian border to the beaches of the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, the eastern seaboard of America offers a wide diversity of visitor experiences.
From the colonial history of Boston and Philadelphia to Washington DC's superb museums and government buildings to the golf courses and beaches of the Carolinas , there is so much to do and so much to see, one visit is not enough. America's history may be brief, but it is packed with interest, from the site of the Boston Tea Party to the Liberty Bell and the battlefields of the American Civil War and the War of Independence, the East is filled with significant sites from the country's past. If American history is not your scene, there are enough Natural Wonders and National Parks to impress most visitors. In that capacity, he is a co-organizer of Philly Tech Week, Baltimore Innovation Week, Delaware Innovation Week and other events that bring smart people together. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) captured this stunning nighttime panorama of the major cities along the East Coast of the United States on Jan. If they kept their population in check with food supplies, they wouldn’t be so devastated when a famine comes around. Is the average standard of living so great we shouldn’t bother thinking of ways to improve it? I suppose that the sheen of oil on the ocean, or billows of smoke emerging from a towering smokestack can also be gorgeous, but all I see in these photos (not including the natural airglow) is millions ow watt hours of power being wasted to light up the sky.
Not that getting six orders is rare, but these were different, they were all on the east coast up the line. Ironically I was in NYC that week and even more funny is the fact that I drove and my trip was just about over so stopping off at each state on the way home was perfect. I made arrangements with a captain that morning and the whole deal went simple, so simple in fact I was able to complete that and get rolling to to the next one. I made arrangements with a guy from the marina to meet me at the address once I confirmed the boat was there, I had no way to pull the boat as I was in a Porsche 911. In fact as soon as I arrived in Smithfield about an hour or two off my path, I ran into the large factory that makes the ham. The police showed up, I showed the cop the paperwork and amazingly the cop told him the unit is mine. Cities and states that are well known even if you have never travelled to the region instantly conjure up images in your mind. Where else along the Seacoast can you find 80 free evening concerts taking place throughout the summer and fantastic fireworks displays every week? It is an area that conjures up so many perfect holidays it is difficult to know where to begin.
Take a self-drive holiday from Washington DC, through Virginia and explore and learn and enjoy. How about Kayaking Lessons & Guided Tours or you can Experience the Thrill of Skydiving, Soar in a Glider or Learn to Fly.
The thunder of Niagara Falls, the serene beauty of The Berkshires in Massachusetts, the gorges of the Delaware River Gap where the Delaware River cuts through the Appalachian Mountains in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, breathtaking views abound.
Now, Baltimore may take issue with all of this too, but even partners in locally-founded investment companies are talking about the67thward. Previously, Wink worked for a homeless advocacy nonprofit and was a freelance reporter for a variety of publications. They will be installing equipment outside the ISS on the Russian Pirs, Poisk and Zvezda modules.
Ken has presented at numerous educational institutions, civic & religious organizations, museums and astronomy clubs.
Gorgeous, in my book, would be having the people in those urban areas be able to look up and see things like stars and auroras, because the outdoor lighting installations surrounding them were engineered to illuminate the areas of activity on the ground, rather than blasting light out in all directions. I figured that at least 2 a day was possible, it would easily be more but the distance between each one forced it to be right at around 2 per day.

I stayed right at the hotel my first repossession was at, I called the captain I knew and told him 6am. I called Towboat USA and in less then 30 minutes they were on site, I had the condition report and no pictures as I ran out of film, this place was so far off the beaten path of 95 so I just figured I would call the marina the unit is getting towed to and have them forward me the pictures, I called then and no answer, no biggie I figured I would call tomorrow, the boat would be there and be safe. So I ended up spending many hours in the area and a couple hour job seemed like a an entire day, so from arrival in the early afternoon to moving on my way to South Carolina.
If the path was broken up as usual, I would have just had to leave my car at the airport and fly out to one location midway back from NY, so really no biggie but you get an idea of what nationwide repossessions involve.
From the classic Autumnal kaleidoscope in deepest New England to the vibrancy of a three or four night shopping break in New York, there really is an endless list of possibilities. He writes regularly about news innovation and best business practices on his personal blog here. Keep in mind, usual protocol is to fly to the states or countries in order to handle the repo and fly out or sail out. So a normal ride back from NY to Florida is about 18 hours, a non normal ride with 6 repossessions is about 3 to 4 days but well worth it and very interesting checking out some of these cities that you may not check out usually. I decided to play a little roulette with a couple hundred while there and have a few drinks upon arrival.
Upon arrival the dock master gave me a hard time as I imagine he was friends with the debtor. Bern was a nice area, it was actually snowing when I arrived but lightly, which made for a nice view but didn’t make the job any easier.
The bicycle commuter loves cities, urban politics and squabbling about neighborhood boundaries.
They weren’t cars, they were large boats, in fact one was a house boat, two were large sail boats and the rest were 32 foot plus go fast boats,  and one lobster fishing boat. I get up after around 4 hours of sleep at 5am and get over to the marina downstairs, but I still had to drive the car around closer. I had the condition report and pictures in hand, by 7am the job was done with no interference what so ever. Sort of like when I traveled to the mountains of Tennessee maybe Knoxville, there is something about a nice breakfast in a mountain Cracker Barrel. It seems when others know or think there is money involved automatically they have to gouge.
While nobody was home the neighbor across the street just didn’t stop staring the whole time through the kitchen window. In fact I had to hurry up as the tide had to be a certain level to be able to move this boat. BTW, anyone who thinks overpopulation is a big problem can of course do the supreme altruistic gesture and go off yourself. It was freezing so bad that I left my car running with the heat blasted and after a few minutes on board taking pictures I would run back to my car and warm up a bit, I really didn’t pack much thinking 6 or 7 days and I am done. It took over an hour for the marina guy to get there and it was one of those hours that felt like all day. I couldn’t believe no one stopped us from hooking this boat up, come to think of it the debtor was probably in the house and just wanted it over with.

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