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No matter what business environment you compete in, Truck Utilities along with Morgan can custom-create the perfect van body for your business.
Lights: One-piece aluminum top rail with recess to protect clearance lights, meets federal requirements, easy maintenance, and sealed wire harness. E track is an industry standard for keeping cargo, equipment and even vehicles tied down during transport. With e track straps and other tie down hardware, you can tie down just about any type of cargo or load.
Horizontal e-track has slots that run perpendicular (at 90 degree angles) to the sides of the e track rail. There are not "rules" for deciding between installing vertical etrack or horizontal etrack in a trailer. Call the product experts at US Cargo Control if you need help deciding which system to use - 855-206-6269. E-track fittings provide a simple and effective method for connecting a strap to e-track by using a simple lever to fasten the fitting onto the etrack. Round ring e-track fittings provide a tie down point for using ratchet straps with s-hooks, snap hooks or j-hooks. Everyone’s ready for the fun part of a ski trip – the downhill runs and the hot toddies – but you better not skimp on the preparation! Fortunately Dirk is a great planner and had thought ahead to the “what if?” part of things. Indeed there was enough room inside the vehicle for the passengers and the beverage cooler. We probably made a few passing cars laugh on the way to our vacation – flashes of The Beverly Hillbillies – but thanks to our ratchet straps, we arrived with all our stuff intact. This summer I earned some extra cash by riding a route with a local delivery person.  My friend has his own truck which he uses to deliver bottled water, coffee supplies, snacks and soft drinks to local businesses.
One of the most valuable lessons I learned along the route was the value of a good tie down system.  I had never heard of such a thing, but my buddy Jack showed me how to use the airline track (also called a-track and logistic track) he had custom installed inside his truck. Airline track can be installed vertically or horizontally, making it a very versatile tie down system.  It’s strength actually exceeds that of e-track, which has a much wider profile.
Are you a hobby car enthusiast?  I’m talking about derby races, mud races, and other good clean family fun that involves speed and the roar of a motor.  It’s a lot of fun to bring the whole family together to enjoy events (and winning!). When we’re ready to roll to a race site or the practice track, we drive the car up the ramp into the trailer.  The e-track is just inside the inner walls of the tires.
Now that we’ve done this awhile, it takes no time at all to secure the car.  Thanks to e-track and tie downs, we always make it to the race with peace of mind, ready to win.

Many of the items featured on this website are covered by the following US Patents #6364141, #6675980 and #6729485. The Backpack Blower Bracket is a unique bracket designed to secure backpack blowers in your trailer. Great for weed trimmers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, and many other uses to keep your cargo off the ground and secure. The flat drop hook is ideal for storage of leaf blowers, backpack sprayers, or other heavy duty equipment.
Patented design holds 3 to 4 shovels, rakes, hammers, brooms, and other handled implements.
Flush-mounted E-Track for the Floor - $12 Cost Per Running Foot - Select total feet of E-track installed and select placement.
Safely secure your cargo in your open or enclosed trailer or truck with our complete line of E-Track, E-Track straps, and E-Track tie-down hardware. Tension is more easily controlled with cam straps which makes them perfect for lighter cargo.
Vertical e-track is commonly used in van trailers to provide numerous tie down points accommodating cargo of various sizes and heights and provides the support system for shoring beams (or "decking beams") to create a second level for cargo.
Consideration for the type of cargo you intend to transport and the type of trailer you have (are there wheel wells or cabinets in the way?) are the primary factors to help you decide. When locked, e-track fittings provide a strong, reliable tie down point that can be easily moved. There are also e-track tie downs with d-rings that provide the same versatility for securing cargo. These specialized e-track fittings are designed to hold a 2x4 or 2x6 across the width of your trailer to act as a shoring beam or deck beam.
Dirk decided to use the roof rack of the vehicle with his ratchet straps to secure the remainder of our cargo. Over the years, we perfected a system that’s perfect for tying down our car inside the trailer we tow.  We use an e-track system and ratchet straps and have no worries.
There are two e-track tie down fittings with round rings set into the track behind the back tires, and two fittings set into the track in front of the front tires.
Works well with popular brands of backpack blowers, as well as holding cords, ropes or as a coat hook. E-Track is an industry standard for keeping cargo, equipment and even vehicles tied down during transport.
The ratcheting action allows the user to crank the webbing of the strap around the ratchet's mandrel, using leverage and force to pull the strap very tight.

Cambuckle e-track straps work by threading the webbing through the cambuckle, then making it taut by pulling the loose end of the webbing away from the cam buckle.
Horizontal e-track can be mounted on the floor or bed of a trailer as well as on the walls of enclosed trailers and cargo vans.
Compared to horizontal e-track, it has a narrower profile and permits d-rings to be mounted perpendicular to the floor.
Note: Vertical and horizontal e track can be installed on either the floor or walls of a trailer to suit your hauling needs.
E-track rope tie-offs feature a piece of 6" long webbing with an e-track fitting on one end, and a d-ring on the other. They won’t come out unless the release lever is pulled, and can be rearranged quickly, without tools. Zinc plated steel flap with spring assist allows easy insertion and removal while helping to eliminate accidental removal or bouncing out.
With E-Track straps and other tie-down hardware, you can tie down just about any type of cargo or load.
Gnurled grips on the cam buckle use friction to prevent the strap from loosening during transport.
The slots in horizontal e-track rails provide numerous tie down points for cars, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and cargo on pallets. Won’t come out unless the release lever is pulled, and can be rearranged quickly without tools.
E-track ratchet straps also have a higher break strength and higher working load limit than cambuckle straps.
Cam buckle e-track straps are quick to secure and more convenient to use for controlling lighter loads that don't require the strong tension offered by ratchet straps. When mounted on the floor of a trailer horizontal e track rails provide numerous anchor points for axle straps, d-rings and rope tie off points. Horizontal etrack installed on the walls of a trailer gives you anchor points for cargo nets and rope tie-offs to secure equipment, spare tires or to hold objects flat against the side of a trailer wall.

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