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Did you know that the Disneyland Railroad was originally name the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad? The Fred Gurley train is not one of the original Disneyland trains, but it has the distinction of being the oldest train at Disneyland! The Ward Kimball train is named in honor of one of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men and Disney Legend, Ward Kimball, who, along with fellow Nine Old Men member and Disney Legend Ollie Johnston, were huge train enthusiasts, just like Walt.
The last piece in the puzzle that is the Disneyland Railroad is the Lilly Belle Presidential train car, which is, of course, named after Walt Disney’s wife Lilly. My favorite part of the train at Disneyland are the dioramas, especially the one of the Grand Canyon.
My Dreams of Disney is a Disney Fan Blog, and is not in any way affiliated with Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney, or the Walt Disney Company. If it weren't for Walt Disney, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, the other Disney parks spread across the world, and this site would not exist. Stay tuned for more on the rest of the Disneyland Railroad steam engines here on the Disney Parks Blog. Erin, It’s fantastic to hear the history behind the Disney Steam Trains like the Fred Gurley here.
We had the extreme honor and pleasure of being guests on the Lilly Belle at Disneyland Park during our most memorable Christmas Holidays in December 2011. The main station for the Disneyland Railroad can be found above the Disneyland Park entrance in the Main Street USA area. After stopping at the New Orleans Square station, the Disneyland Railroad cars travel past the exterior of the Haunted Mansion ride before passing through part of the Splash Mountain ride. The last station that the Disneyland Railway trains visit before returning back to Main Street USA is the Tomorrowland station. The Disneyland Railway operates on a daily basis, though it tends to shut down when special events are going on. NFL Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday, 7 February at 23:30 at Levi's Stadium, which is located in Santa Clara, California. Those of us who visit Disneyland park a lot are often asked, “What is something you [or I] must do at the park?” I’ve given this some thought, so I wanted to share my own personal list of Disneyland park must-do’s. Sometimes my visit begins with the classic grand circle tour, and sometimes that’s how it ends. Ice cream is only behind coffee on my list of obsessions, and there’s something extra-delicious about ice cream from Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor … am I right?
Yes, I chose to go to Adventureland first and yes, I walked right past Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise – both of which I’ve loved ever since I wore acid wash denim and permed my hair. The music, the history, all the Mary Blair art and design … this attraction, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary, makes me happy every time. I did not see the Monorail on anyone’s list , just wish it still went through the Disneyland Hotel.

My must-eat snacks are the beignets at the Mint Julep Bar and, if it’s hot out, the frozen apple juice at Edelweiss Snacks.
I’ve been an annual pass holder for many years now and my attraction must do list has changed now that I go with DH and 2 DSs (20 months and 4).
I take a lot of photos while at DLR, and I wander all over the parks in search of interesting shots, hidden gems, overlooked details, etc. If and when I tear myself away from the camera and venture onto some rides, Pirates of the Caribbean is a must-do, for sure, as is any version of Haunted Mansion. If there is any kind of holiday season or seasonal overlay going on, I will be fully immersed in it. When it comes time for some sustenance, I have been known to snack on pineapple spears, gingerbread cookies and peppermint ice cream (but not all at the same time ), but the Plaza Inn chicken meal is too good to pass up. And when I have had my fill of food, fun, frolicking and photos, I will find a bench in Town Square and people watch for a while.
2) Meticulously come through each shop and prepare my mental list of souvenirs that will be leaving with me. I loved the Mine Train,Pack Mules, riding the Stagecoach, Flying Saucers, Swiss Family Tree House, Fire Engine, Skyway, Motor Boat Cruise, Mike Fink Keel Boats, Flight to the Moon, People Mover, Captain EO, Surreys. I have a thing about water attractions … but my friend and colleague Tyler would agree with you on the absence of Splash Mountain. I have to admit, Market House was always my first stop before Starbucks came in, but now I tend to pass it by. Holliday train is named after the founder of the Atchison & Topeka Railroad, Cyrus Kurtz Holliday.
Ripley train is named after the first president of the Atchison & Topeka Railroad, Edward Payson Ripley.
Marsh train is named after the man who was the president of the Santa Fe Railroad when this train was introduced at Disneyland on July 25th, 1959. Marsh, Fred Gurley, Walt Disney Company, Ward KimballAbout Mike Ellis My Dreams of Disney is just that…My Dreams of my absolute favorite place in the World! In fact, it's the first thing that you will see upon entering the park through the main gates.
Next is a trip over the Critter Country area, and from there, it's on to the depot at Mickey's Toontown area.
Keeping in line with the overall theme of the Tomorrowland area, this station has a futuristic look to it.
The first train departs from the Main Street USA station as soon as the park opens, with the final train of the day pulling into the same station near closing time.
Sometimes it’s in the middle, whatever – the point is that no visit is complete for me without a ride on the Disneyland Railroad. I love the environment, the cheesy humor, and that the skippers are so committed to their characters.

Ripley, but today we’ll meet the oldest of all the Disneyland Railroad steam engines – the Fred Gurley. It is the oldest steam engine operating on the Disneyland Railroad, built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, Penn., in 1894.
I saw this as a child passing through on a Southern Pacific train trip and my mother told me what was happening to them.
My family even owns one of the large scale steam engines like what Walt had that you can ride on. From the Main Street station, the trains head west, and after passing over part of the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride, they make their next stop in the New Orleans Square area. Between Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown, the sights include wildlife scenes and a frontier-style cabin that is situated on an island known as Tom Sawyer's Island. As you exit the Tomorrowland station on the Disneyland Railway, you might take notice of the Innoventions building.
It may have joined us in 1958, but this engine’s 119-year history began even before Walt Disney was born! It was first put into service in August 1895, and began circling the Happiest Place on Earth on March 28, 1958. I know Dinosaur is very similar but Indiana Jones is a much better total package in my opinion.
After the Disneyland Railroad trains pass by the Innoventions building, the trip gets even more interesting.
All run on bio-diesel fuel, so you won't have to worry about the environmental implications as you travel from station to station. After more than 20 visits, I still see something new every time… last year I saw the flag retreat ceremony for the first time ever and it was awesome.
I had an aversion to splash for a while becasue I did not want to get wet but I am over it. One of these dioramas depicts the Grand Canyon, while the other represents a prehistoric world where dinosaurs reign supreme. I will say that I believe the WDW version with two tracks was better, I am glad that Disneyland has kept this gem alive. Have 2 G-Kids now that NEED TO see it sometime, but KNOW I can’t afford to show them, so I take them on rides on U-Tube!

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