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Oct 24 2011 This diorama depicts the 1943 withdrawal of German forces throughout the Eastern front when the Soviets launched their massive and unstoppable offensive attack. Four exhausted soldiers from Battalion 113 (Panzer Grenadier Regiment) are seen walking by on a muddy village road, probably after an encounter with Soviet T-34 tanks in the large offensive.
Jun 16 2011 Fully scratch built, this model took just over 15 years (8000-10,000 hours) to complete. The best way to stay updated is by liking our Facebook page – we post even more often there. Alternatively, you can pre-register for our weekly newsletter; it will go live as soon as we get enough interested people.
Use a Desert Oasis Diorama Kit or a Desert Sand ReadyGrass Sheet on a Project Base & Backdrop or a flat surface. Set this diorama on a revolving mechanism so your viewers can see all sides of the volcano! For the complex aquarium, use a Project Base & Backdrop to make the outside of the aquarium.
Build up mountains, volcanoes, craters, caves and more with newspaper wads and Plaster Cloth. Use the Building & Structures Kit to create any kind of structure, such as brick, stonework, wooden, etc. Build a desert oasis on a Project Base & Backdrop (or a flat surface) and add a Desert Sand ReadyGrass Sheet.
Really cool displays of cells, DNA chains and other scientific subjects can easily be sculpted with Sculpting Clay and Plaster Cloth.
Use the Project Base & Backdrop and the Water Diorama Kit to make beautiful scenes with water areas, such as waterfalls, waves, splashes, rivers, lakes and the ocean. You can make incredible, unique board games based on stories, you and your friends or other subjects.
You can display colorful tribal masks or other kinds of masks on a Project Base & Backdrop.
Use the Building & Structures Kit to create a covered wagon and a ship, which were used as early transportation methods. Anatomy displays of the eye and other scientific subjects can easily be sculpted with Sculpting Clay and Plaster Cloth.
Anatomy displays of the heart and other scientific subjects can easily be sculpted with Sculpting Clay and Plaster Cloth. Pick your favorite architect and make a model of their designs, or create your own great architecture. This diorama was built on the Project Base & Backdrop and the tepees were created using the materials in the Building & Structures Kit. Mathematics can be fun (so Ia€™ve been told :o) because you can create wonderful, strong structures using mathematical methods. Create beautiful mission dioramas using materials from the Building & Structures Kit, Palm Trees and other landscaping items.
Use the Project Base & Backdrop and the Mountain Diorama Kit to make a a€?sleepinga€? or dormant volcano.

When you have collections of shells, coins, feathers, arrowheads and more you can display them in an awesome shadowbox. This particular diorama was built by Yevgen Sklyar from Precise Modeling - a company that specializes in the creation of ultra realistic scale models for highly acclaimed collectors and museums worldwide. Begun in Kiev (Ukraine), in 1986 this masterpiece was profoundly difficult to construct due to the extreme scarcity of information on it.
Make a€?rutsa€? in the trail where covered wagons rolled along, by scraping off the sand and adding brown and black paint in the ruts. Put your diorama on a spinner to see the outside of the mountain on one side, and the inside of the volcano on the other side. Build up the volcano with newspaper wads and wet Plaster Cloth and use the Side Panels in the Mountain Diorama Kit to make the flat inside of the volcano.
Cover the white, dried Plaster Cloth with earth-colored paint and then landscape the diorama. Keep in mind the location you are modeling and add sand, grass, hills, mountains or other terrain. Use the Snow Flakes and Project Glue from the Winter Effects package to create this light dusting of snow. Gather information and actual tree samples, such as the bark, fruit, flower, leaves and more. The sunset background was painted to match the scene and Winter Effects were added to the scene. Use materials from the Building & Structures Kit to create load-bearing triangles, arches and other shapes.
Jaden, the artist, blended the locker room and soccer field in one scene for a great diorama!
Overlay the base of a small Project Base and Backdrop kit with a ReadyGrass Sheet and create a wind farm with the Horizon & Detail Kit. Create the volcano using the Plaster Cloth over wadded newspapers, then landscape over the volcano. Remember, when you do light snow effects, that the snow doesna€™t always reach the areas under trees.
Add some rocks and vegetation around the volcano a€“ evidence that no eruptions have taken place in a long time! Use the Side Panels to make the facing label so you can identify the plate boundaries, mantle, magma and more.
Jaden used materials from the Building & Structures Kit to make the lockers, bench and the soccer goal.
Draw, or cut out photos of and paste, three dimensional wind mills and other horizon detail. Finish by painting all of your animals and then putting Goda€™s symbol of His promise a€“ the rainbow a€“ in the sky!
On the outside of the volcano, add landscaping and then pour Casting Plaster down the sides of the volcano. Cut one dolphin in half and glue half on top of the Plexiglas and the other half underneath.

Always add landscaping and pathways or roads to structures, where people and animals have traveled. Blend the landscape in with the background so it looks realistic, like it is one continuous scene. Add a submerged dinosaur, and save clay, by only sculpting the parts that are sticking out of water. Add a three-dimensional look by making some of your animals appear to be coming out of the background, such as the African Elephant.
Add twigs and sticks in the water to model logjams, then brush Realistic Water around the logs. Use chalk to proove your theorem, or make your display interactive, where others must proove your theorem!
Poke holes in the bunker and add slightly sharpened sticks to make a constraint for the encroaching armies.
Just apply it dry on the building and use a brush to add water, then pinch and push with your fingers to texture the building. Use Clear Plastic to represent the water, so you can see the movement of the plates and ocean floor below. For a star effect, paint the enclosure a very dark black and poke small holes in the background. Build a fence or wall around the yard with backdrop board, landscape with Foliage and Grasses and add a Deciduous Tree or two. Landscape the earth over the cave and paint in water tables and rock layers in cutout areas (surrounding the cave) using Project Paints.
Use the Clear Plastic to make the windows, so you can see the carriage waiting for Cinderella outside!
Use Project Paints to add the backdrop of war, such as burning oil fields, bombed areas, mountains and hills. The diorama was built on a Project Base & Backdrop and a ReadyGrass Sheet was used for the base cover. Use the Project Base & Backdrop to make the base and cut the Backboard in the shape of the stones. Construct a home or other building with the Building & Structure Kit and place the solar panel and windmill Alternative Energy Scene Setters. It would be really cool to add spelunkers (cave explorers) coming from the back of the cave!
Scrape off the turf where you want to add the road and checkerboard, then paint on asphalt and checkerboard effects with Project Paints.

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