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The DT402 super throttle gives you direct control of two locos at a time with all the powerful features and flexibility serious model railroaders demand. You can run trains and consist, control up to 30 functions such as sound, program decoders, set up and operate routes, and much more.
Accordingly, We believe that when you decide to go to Command Control that you do so with the least anxiety, the best support, the most security and choose a system that you decide is best for you. Make Sure Your Item Needs To Be Repaired Before Sending It To Us!  Many of the units we receive for repair do not need any repairs at all.
Many problems are easily resolved by contacting Digitrax Tech Support without having to send in your unit. DZ146IN - 1 Amp Series 6 NEM 651 Plug Decoder with 4 Functions that fits Many N & HO Locomotives! We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. If you do not like it, send it back for your refund or exchange (subject to restock charge at discretion of Tony's Train Exchange).

Before you send any units for repair, please take a few minutes to review our Support Options.
If a locomotive is sent to Digitrax, Digitrax will ship the entire package back, unrepaired.
We're accustomed to working in the Digitrax operating environment, so our answer is theoretical at best. The crane itself turns 360 degrees, the boom raises and lowers, the hook raises and lowers.
However, it would seem that any operating software with a LocoNet interface could be used to set the PM42 address, using the software as a throttle in this situation.
Large knob for speed control and 3 position toggle switch for direction control and braking.
An electromagnet and searchlight are optional and can also be controlled from your throttle. Our business hours are from 10 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday (closed Saturday and Sunday).

There you'll learn about the UP5, UR90, UR91 and UR92 utility panels and what modes each Digitrax throttle supports! With both functions set to off, turning the magnet on is accomplished by setting the direction to forward and turning the throttle briefly to any value and then back to zero.
Turning the magnet off is accomplished by setting the direction to reverse and turning the throttle briefly to any value and back to zero.There is some documentation which states that F2 might be implemented as the control for turning the magnet on and off. If anyone has any further information on this or any other functions we would appreciate an e-mail.

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