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Here are two pictures of a Meter Gauge YL loco on a turntable and a Narrow gauge steam loco. An actual 'WT' type Tank locomotive from the 1970's at Calcutta and my model of teh same loco. Here is a 1922 picture of Kota Railway Station, followed by the current station, a lot has changed but the main station still exists and serves the people. Here is a picture of the special WP which is used to haul the TAj Express to Agra being serviced inside the Delhi Loco Shed. Added a Tam Valley Depot DCC Booster for Accessories and Power Districts This enables me to send DCC signals separate from the Track DCC signals.

Various Indian Steam LocomotivesHere is a link which details the working of the Indian WP Locomotive. Below are the pictures of the Delhi Station build for me by Lloyd and the actual station at Old Delhi.
Most of these were hand cranked or pushed Here are some pictures of Turntables used in India. This also enables the switch machines to retain their position when the system is turned off.
I just acquired it as it bears a striking resemblance to the Indian WDM6 locomotive, of which only a few were ever made.

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