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The items displayed and sold on this website are not toys, may contain small parts,and are not designed nor intended for children under 14 years of age. Years ago if you had told me that I would have a computer hooked up to my model railroad, I would have laughed you out of the room. DCC has opened the door to all the possibilities that modern electronics and the computer have to offer. To make all this happen, there has to be a connection between your DCC system and the computer. The PR3 combines the functions of the venerable Digitrax Serial devices MS100 interface and the PR2 Programmer into one neat package for USB.
The PR3 comes with complete installation instructions, the PR3, a 48” USB connecting cable to hook to your PC and a mini CD with the necessary drivers and software for your PC. It is important that you follow the instructions that come with the PR3 when you install and setup your software.
MS-100 Mode allows the PR3 to be a LocoNet interface between your Digitrax DCC system and your PC. Programmer Mode allows the PR3 to be a stand-alone programmer using either the Digitrax Soundloader Programming software (included on the installation CD) or 3rd party software such as JMRI DecoderPro. LocoNet Termination Mode allows the PR3 to interface with LocoNet when there is no Digitrax Command Station present. There are two push buttons to configure the PR3 and three LEDs to tell you what it is doing. I was not able to test the LocoNet Termination mode at this time, but I will assume that it works as advertised. Adherence to minimum wiring standards, both NTrak and Bend Track, to insure reliable power and control transmission.

Modular power connectors and power strips, with matching track segments connected to allow switching any mainline from DCC to DC by just moving one plug from one strip to another. Mike's DCC toolbox with the Anderson PowerPoles and PowerWerx Power Splitter laying on top.
Using Digitrax SoundLoader(TM) software with your PC and the Digitrax PR3 Programmer, you can create, manage, test, and download the Digitrax sound projects (.spj ) in your SoundFX decoders.
Now I not only have a computer hooked up to my railroad but I would be hard pressed to operate my model railroad without it! The computer can be used for simple tasks such as programming our decoders and can be taken all the way to complete layout automation. Digitrax has this note in the instructions: Regardless of your Windows version, the PR3 requires that Windows use the device driver that is shipped on the PR3 Installation CD. I use Railroad & Co software in conjunction with my Digitrax Super Chief to control the different operations on my Model Railroad.
I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone needing a PC interface for their Digitrax system. Lieferzeiten fur andere Lander und Informationen zur Berechnung des Liefertermins siehe hier.
You can select which sound files (.wav) you want to have associated with different sound sequences in any sound project and download the modified sound project to any Digitrax SoundFX decoder.
Do not let Windows attempt to install the software drivers automatically – direct Windows to install the software driver from the specific Windows version directory on the Digitrax-provided PR3 installation CD. The PR3 requires a separate power supply such as the Digitrax PS-14 or Tony’s TTE-XDTX (not included with the PR3).
I plugged the PR3 into my PC’s USB port in place of the Brand X interface and connected LocoNet from the layout to the PR3 using one of the two LocoNet sockets on the PR3 (Either one is fine).

I was able to program all the conventional decoders just fine but had trouble with the SoundTraxx Tsunami just like with most DCC programmers.
Programs Digitrax sound projects to SFX decoders Programs CV's for most DCC decoders LocoNet MS100 mode with Fully Buffered Input and Output data Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, 8 Runs on Mac OSywith JMRI No external power needed for MS100 mode Use the included external power supplyyfor Stand Alone Programming Mode Automatic configuration. This software allows you to program or Download sound to the Digitrax line of sound decoders. You can try out sound projects downloaded to your locomotives on the programming track without having to run it around the layout. PR3 Features (Power supply not included, this is not the PR3 Extra)Multifunction USB 2.0 PC connectivity for your railroad (Yay!) Digitrax “SoundLoader” compatible.
Programs Digitrax sound projects to SFX decoders Programs CV’s for most DCC decoders LocoNet MS100 mode with Fully Buffered Input and Output data Runs on Windows XP, Vista and 2000. The programmer immediately recognized the Digitrax Sound decoder and was ready to program. Small, convenient package Firmware updates available from Digitrax Web site.Meets FCC Class B requirements.
Using the SoundTest TM feature you can even try out different SoundFX decoder sound projects. Just put the SoundFX equipped locomotive on the PR3 programming track and use the SoundTest feature to run the speed up or down and set any combination of functions to on or off while the locomotive remains stationary on the programming track.

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