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The DS64 Stationary Decoder allows you to install and operate your turnouts directly through any DCC system that has turnout control. Accordingly, We believe that when you decide to go to Command Control that you do so with the least anxiety, the best support, the most security and choose a system that you decide is best for you.
Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. I decided to go for DCC point operation and have purchased 3 Digitrax DS64 decoders and a dozen Seep PM4 motors. I connected the first DS64, got the heartbeat led and connected one point motor - the motor was not installed, the trial is being done on a table for ease of checking. I then tried the seep directly off a 12v DC wall-wart - just be brief trial to see if the motor was ok - nothing happened. Is it possible to test the outputs of the DS64 to be sure the DCC commands are going through and being correctly interpretted ?
The NCE Pro Cab uses a different protocol to Digitrax so you will need to connect the decoder to a programme track before installing it. Have you checked the ops switches in the DS64 to make sure that they are set for a pulse motor? I am not entirely sure that you will be able to get the best from these DS64's with an NCE Powercab, good as both these pieces of kit are but the DS64 has the unique ability to be hooked into a Loconet daisy chain and give far more than you will receive by simply programming it using NMRA commands. I would have thought that the decoder would work OK with the seeps as they are not that different to the Peco version. I'm still no further forward despite the helpful advice you have all given so far - please do keep it coming.
The Powercab is connected just to a single DS64 (not the track) with a single Peco point motor.
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From solenoid turnout machines to slow motion motors, the DS64 hasn’t met a turnout it doesn’t like. If you do not like it, send it back for your refund or exchange (subject to restock charge at discretion of Tony's Train Exchange). Can't remember which op switch it is but the manual supplied will detail that or you can download the manual from the Digitrax website as a PDF file.
Unlike the Seep Motors the Peco motor will throw with a 12vdc supply when not connected to the DS64, so I know the motor actually works. This will involve, amongst other things, installing the last 3 point motors and installing a DS64 to control the points on one of the boards, replacing an NCE Switch-It which is currently controlling the 2 points so far installed (I will ultimately need 4 point outputs)My system is - an NCE PowerCab. From Solenoid turnout machines to slow motion motors, this affordable, easy to install decoder will add another dimension to your operations.
I have a place where getting to the switches is difficult and placing manual switches in the aisle would be detrimental during the fair. So can you connect the track power to the track inputs on the DS64 and then see if it will kick the peco's over. The point motors are in my case Tortoises (or strictly speaking 3 x Tortoises + 1 x Cobalt Blue)The intention is to use an external power supply.
Have you allocated a point number to the output and have you connected the Seep to the correct output and have you connected it the right way round? Having already read on here that connecting an external 16 V AC supply will destroy the DS64 - contrary to the claims in the documentation that such a supply can be used - I'm arranging a 12V DC external supply, fed off an Express Models 16V AC to 12 V DC stabilised supply converter unit rated at 1 Amp However the implications of what's being said is that accessory decoders may be limited to working with own-brand DCC systems?
They provided for no ability to provide separate external power and still have proper DCC control(per their tech support) except via loconet connectors. There are three connections and they are handed plus common return so reverse connection will give the symptoms you describe.
Am I correct please?Bearing in mind that the Powercab is a starter set I wonder if I am asking too much of it? If you try to hook up other power and to the track connectos hoping to get to your DCC signal, you may overload the unit and permanently damage it.

I have just googled the wiring and it is pins A& B are separate and Pin C is the common. DS64's are programmed to addresses 1 to 4 from the factory and only switch commands will be accepted NOT loco ones. I have no experience of the NCE so cannot direct you as to how to access the switch command structure but I do know that these two pieces of hardware need to be programmed to talk to each other and that can only be done on the programming track connection on the Powercab. You're basically into a 5 amp system or having to build with loconet right from the get go. They should fire on address 1 through 4 Closed or thrown.Thanks Doug for confirming my wiring is correct.
Once programmed and talking, track bus commands will work.You will not get the Peco motor to fire either on the programming track or until the decoder has been programmed to address it.
I do know that the high current loads of the solenoids might prevent two motors on one output. Am I correct please?A difficulty is that if you press say 1 = Normal, and it's already Normal - nothing at all happens .
Disconnect the programming connections and connect track power to the DS64, disconnect the other power supply, attach a point motor to connections 1R and 1G and GRND, then use the switch command for point 1. This is based on using Tortoises - I assume solenoid motors show the same patternAccording to the Digitrax documentation you change mode from solenoid to stall motor by programming a CV to either Closed or Thrown.
I know this as I've just finished wiring in a DPDT switch to disconnect the rest of the layout when programming .

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