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DS51K1 Stationary Decoder For Single Kato Unitrack Turnouts, easy cost effective way to add DCC control to your Kato Unitrack Turnouts.
Accordingly, We believe that when you decide to go to Command Control that you do so with the least anxiety, the best support, the most security and choose a system that you decide is best for you. Digitrax is a full time professional company dedicated to bringing superior engineering, quality and affordability to model railroaders everywhere.
The items displayed and sold on this website are not toys, may contain small parts,and are not designed nor intended for children under 14 years of age.
This product has been replaced by the Soundbug for DH165xx decoders and others (SFX006) and is no longer available. Visit Digitrax Sound Depot to learn how to customize the sound project included with your decoder and how to download different projects that are available for free.

Make Sure Your Item Needs To Be Repaired Before Sending It To Us!  Many of the units we receive for repair do not need any repairs at all.
Many problems are easily resolved by contacting Digitrax Tech Support without having to send in your unit. If you do not like it, send it back for your refund or exchange (subject to restock charge at discretion of Tony's Train Exchange). LocoNet is engineered to seamlessly handle high traffic and large numbers of attached devices on every layout from the smallest to the largest.
The first time we ran a digital command control system we knew we couldn't live without one but, we couldn't afford it either.
Before you send any units for repair, please take a few minutes to review our Support Options.

If a locomotive is sent to Digitrax, Digitrax will ship the entire package back, unrepaired. The Digitrax Complete Train Control system is our answer for model railroaders who want to enjoy the excitement of the latest train control technology without taking out a second mortgage!
If you have any questions or comments about our system please let us know so we can resolve any issues you have and so we can make better products for you in the future. You can get started for a small initial expenditure with our Zephyr Xtra, Super Empire Builder Xtra or Super Chief Xtra Starter Sets and then expand as your needs and interests grow.

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