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Accordingly, We believe that when you decide to go to Command Control that you do so with the least anxiety, the best support, the most security and choose a system that you decide is best for you.
Everything you need to get started in Advanced Digitrax Command Control for a reasonable price.
It offers excellent speed control, prototypical consisting, the full range of programming features and much more. Dual throttle knobs give you control of two locos at the same time and makes consisting easy. Function 2 is a special non-latching key that can be used to sound the horn for as long as the key is held down. Super Chief Xtra is just the beginning for large, complex layouts that emphasize prototypical operations.

With LocoNet you can add more boosters, throttles, power management, detection, transponding, signaling and much more. To expand Super Empire Builder Xtra for all the capabilities of the Super Chief, simply add a DCS100. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
Click the button below to add the DIGITRAX SUPER CHIEF *XTRA* DCC STARTER SET 5 AMP SCFX to your wish list.
If you want to add another throttle at the same time, then it makes sense to add an entire Super Chief Xtra set and take advantage of the value pricing offered on Digitrax sets. Click the button below to add the DIGITRAX SUPER CHIEF *XTRA* DUPLEX 8 AMP DCC STARTER SET SCFXD8 to your wish list.

If you do not like it, send it back for your refund or exchange (subject to restock charge at discretion of Tony's Train Exchange).
Headlights can be directional or independently controlled (depending on decoder capabilities).
Yankeedabbler is an authorized Digitrax dealer and purchases all Digitrax items directly from Digitrax.

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