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High impedance balanced or unbalanced signal input receivers on the LocoNet Interface allow boosting of several different types of command control signals.
Auto shutdown if command control drive signal is lost so that the layout will not convert to DC operation if a cable or connection is broken. Technical Note About DCC Booster Output Ratings: Digitrax boosters have maximum output current limits of either 5 or 8 amps.
Each DCC company specifies the output capacity of its boosters according to their own internal standards. I am almost finished with a small oval which I want to use as a programimg, test and just something to run my engines on.
Well Jeff, I think we all want to do it right the first time, however, I think we all also learn from our mistakes!Generally speaking, the 'control center', that is, the place you will keep your command station, boosters, power supplies, auxiliary power supplies, etc., is presumably someplace under the layout and centerally located.
Ah yes, I knew Louis would captivate us with another one of his professional looking panels! Arthur, the paper is just heavy weight white paper that you find at wall Mart type stores in the school section like 16" x 20" I'm guessing, you will know it when you see it. Arthur,I'm not sure what software Louis used but I am coming up with something very similar and I am using Excel. Jeff, I like your idea of the Avery Label, but consider this; you don't want the printing to smear. Super Empire Builder Xtra has everything you need to get started in Advanced Digitrax Command Control. Super Empire Builder Xtra is perfect for most home and club layouts, it offers excellent speed control, prototypical consisting, decoder programming and much more. Dual throttle knobs give you control of two locos at the same time and makes consisting easy.
Function 2 is a special non-latching key that can be used to sound the horn for as long as the key is held down. Use Super Empire Builder as an expansion set with Digitrax equipment you already have installed.
Note: Super empire Builder Xtra Sets require a power supply that is sold separately by Digitrax or may be supplied by customer. Make Sure Your Item Needs To Be Repaired Before Sending It To Us!  Many of the units we receive for repair do not need any repairs at all. Many problems are easily resolved by contacting Digitrax Tech Support without having to send in your unit.
Poor quality.When connecting power supply to track wires, the plug fails to make contact without some fine adjustments of the connecters. DZ146IN - 1 Amp Series 6 NEM 651 Plug Decoder with 4 Functions that fits Many N & HO Locomotives!

Most DC model railroad power packs will not supply 5 amps to the DCS100 or DB150, because they were designed to run only 1 or 2 locomotives in a DC blocked system.
The actual continuous output current that your booster will provide to the layout depends on several factors including the input supply voltage, the ambient room temperature and air flow over the booster's heat sink. Tests designed and performed by several model railroaders have shown wide variations in the actual output capacity of DCC boosters.
I have the Digitrax's Super Chief and I will be using it to power the oval.What I want to do is build a control center for my DCC components. But here is a panel I made that can be pulled out and moved around as one unit if I have to work on it or place it somewhere else in the future. Before you send any units for repair, please take a few minutes to review our Support Options. If a locomotive is sent to Digitrax, Digitrax will ship the entire package back, unrepaired. This app note shows you how to salvage some of your Lenz equipment when you move up to Digitrax!
With DCC you'll be running multiple locomotives in the same power district so, you'll need to provide more power to each district.
Higher input voltages increase the amount of heat that must be dissipated by the booster's heat sink.
One which can be used now with my oval, and when my space is ready for my larger layout I can easily move it to the new layout as a self contained unit.I have seen a couple control centers built by members in the forum and I would like to put something similar together. If the heat sink does not get enough air flow to allow for heat dissipation, the booster will eventually reach an over temperature state and shut down. The conclusion based on these tests is that each manufacturer uses a different way of determining booster output capacity, Digitrax tends to be more conservative in stating booster output ratings. My question is what recommendations do you all have as far as design and additional components besides the basic command station, power supply and a few termination strips?
I included the Digitrax DB150, a Loco Buffer for programing decoders, and a Decoder tester for testing any decoder before installing them into locomotives.
Are they somewhere else and if you need to remove your command center do you have to disconnect them? The square holes like for the Digitrax system, I cut the plastic with a hobby knife, and used a jig saw with metal blade for the metal backing plate.
I'm not sure of the exact demensions of my completed template but if I can't get it within the 11" then I will split the design at a good vertical line.
You don't have to have a seem in your panel because the printers have settings for user defined and Panoramic and other settings to get a print as long as you want. A small fan blowing across the heat sink on your booster will increase the maximum sustained current output capacity of your booster.

The factor that is most important for achieving maximum output capacity is the booster’s heat sinking ability. Our business hours are from 10 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday (closed Saturday and Sunday). Once the switches and screws are in place it all holds the plastic panel onto the metal backing panel as one unit.
These are just my thoughts so far, and I'm sure things will change as my ideas don't work or I come up with something better. Plus if you want to add to the design it's bit easier to replace than strip and refinish the plate. It's the same as printing a long birthday banner.Also, You don't have to guess about how big it is going to be, everything is to the size you want it to be. In these tests, Digitrax boosters have demonstrated excellent heat sinking capabilities and the ability to consistently output the advertised 5 or 8 amps when appropriate fans are added in high temperature situations.
I also am assuming you have some electronics background to be able to wire all the lights, fuses and switches? Did you adapt something from one of the DCC manufactures or is that your own design?I was thinking of starting with a computer rack plate. The 120v outlet has another outlet wired to the back of it so I can plug in the Digitrax unit and the Loco Buffer power source. If I want to take out the control panel to move, or work on, I just have to unplug three wires. I made the control panel so it could be mounted on a roll around electronic stand like the picture below.
First I made the panel on the computer, see picture below, then I printed it on to a long heavy weight stock paper. I had it eliminated into plastic, and then I mounted it to an aluminum front panel that I cut to size, and after I cut out all the openings and switch locations.
I riveted a shelf on the back for the Digitrax Unit, riveted the ele socket on to the panel, and the switches and other things hold the plastic face panel to the Alum plate. So everything is mounted to the front panel and can be picked up an carried as one unit by the handles on the sides. And, believe it or not, I have no electronics background, just alot of reading and trial and errors.

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