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Where can we buy models like this…I have looked every where and would like time purchase for my sonfor Xmas. Be Careful, the pictures of Chevrolet Impala 2011 are the property of their respective authors. Yordy Kolner who lives in the Netherlands always had a thing for Japanese sportscars, especially those used for drifting. His love for Japanese cars got kickstarted a while ago when he saw a video of several Toyota AE 86s drifting with mismatched wheels and all. Now he drives a 1996 four-door Honda Civic because prices for AE 86s gone a bit crazy in the Netherlands. In the meantime, Yordy’s passion lives through custom Japanese diecast models he buys an customizes.

His passion is now pushing him make these ultra-cool custom diecast models which you can swear they’re real. At some point, Yordy managed to get his hands on a hachi-roku but due to personal issues he had to sell it. Still he didn’t lost hope and is always looking over the Internet to see if an affordable one shows up for sale. He says that every 1:18 scale care he buys gets customized, from just fitting a new set of wheels to a full respray, decals and modified parts. The coupe was longer than previous models and sported convex rather than concave side panels. Every die cast collector should have this epic 1969 Black Ford Mustang Diecast Model Car in their collection.

The detail on this replica is exceptionally beautiful. Ford Diecast Model Cars - Ford is the third largest automaker in the world. It's earliest models, such as the iconic Model-T Ford, are treasured in die cast collections the world over.
Most die cast model car collectors have Mustang Diecast Model Cars, GT model cars, Shelby diecast, or '32 Highboy Diecast Model Cars somewhere in their diecast car replica collection.

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