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The Pontiac GTO was relaunched in the United States in 2004, based on the Holden Monaro's V platform.
When this limousine was ordered for President Reagan in 1983, 17 inches was added to the original limousine wheelbase to bring it to 161.5 inches in lengtha€”so you might say it was the first Presidential a€?stretcha€? limo. The Series III is the most common Series vehicle, with 440,000 of the type built from 1971 to 1985.During the Series III production run from 1971 until 1985, the 1,000,000th Land Rover rolled off the production line in 1976. This antique model car, is kind of scale model toy car, it is a good children toy or gift, and also a furnishing furniture. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
Beautifully crafted 2004 Red Pontiac GTO Diecast Model Car features opening doors, hood, trunk and steerable front wheels. Right around this time, stretch limos were becoming popular for airport, wedding, and prom use. In keeping with early 1970s trends in automotive interior design, both in safety and use of more advanced materials, the simple metal dashboard of earlier models was redesigned to accept a new moulded plastic dash.
Team Ferrari used the 1971 race year as a testing ground for the 312 PB, achieving moderate successes in the World Sports Car Championship. A great addition to any collection. Pontiac Diecast Model Cars - The Bonneville was introduced as a limited edition Star Chief convertible with a real distinction - Pontiac's premier fuel-injected engine. And, the only auto manufacturer that mass-produced basic vehicles of this type was General Motora€™s Cadillac division. This 2005 Red Ford GT Diecast Model Car is a great addition to any collection. Ford Diecast Model Cars - Ford is the third largest automaker in the world. The instrument cluster, which was previously centrally located, was moved to the driver's side.

Then, in 1972, Ferrari launched an all-out attack on its rivals, dominating the circuit, and winning every race it entered.
It's earliest models, such as the iconic Model-T Ford, are treasured in die cast collections the world over. Here is your chance to own a little piece of history, at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Land Rover Diecast Model Cars - Think Land Rover and think adventure.
John DeLorean took the wheel and endowed Pontiac with its cache as a Muscle Car and made performance a new priority. A tow hitch with a trailer brake controller was standard. Chevrolet Diecast Model Cars - Fondly known as the Chevy, GM's best known brand took an early lead in American car production as did the diverse line of diecast model cars. The boxy, for-wheel drive vehicles have traversed some of the globes toughest terrain and lived to tell the tale. Chevy remains a mainstream American favorite and fans still recall 1963 when one of every ten cars sold in the U.S. Most die cast model car collectors have Mustang Diecast Model Cars, GT model cars, Shelby diecast, or '32 Highboy Diecast Model Cars somewhere in their diecast car replica collection. While there are many new models, the older models that are favorites among the collectors of die cast cars. Land Rover has taken pride in its sparse and utilitarian look and their diecast models are testaments to their uniqueness.
The roof of this limo was reverse a€?chopped.a€? That is, it was raised three inches to provide greater visibility of the vehiclea€™s distinguished occupant during parades and other ceremonial occasions and still afford maximum protectiona€”understandable considering President Reagana€™s brush with death in 1981. Reagan Presidential Library & Museum in California.This is the seventh in Yat Minga€™s series of presidential limousines.
What there is has been nicely done to scale, but Yat Ming chose to do some of chrome strips in silver paint.

Ita€™s nicely applied, however, and blends in quite well with the chromed parts.All light lenses are separate, clear-plastic items, save for the side-marker lights. A recessed handle in the trunk lid swings up to provide a grab bar for Secret Service personnel.
There are two sockets for the flags provided in the packaging (as is the case with all of Yat Minga€™s presidential limos).
As with the other images in this series, the interior is nicely rendered, with decent detail everywhere. Even though the image is mounted on a base, the undercarriage hasna€™t been neglected, with nice detailing throughout. One of the weaker areas is under the hooda€”with most of the engine details of the molded-in variety. The trunk is fully a€?carpeted,a€? with a covered spare.Probably the weakest feature is the headliner, which has intrusive, clear plastic tabs from the windshield, rear, and side windows. Yat Minga€™s series of presidential limos employ some short cuts, offset by some unique features, to provide a good-looking image for a relatively low price.
Ita€™s definitely worth collecting.Though ita€™s been said that all future presidential limos, from President Reagana€™s 1972 ride forward, will be destroyed in Secret Service safety tests, this President Reagan limoa€”probably due to its popular occupanta€”was spared that ignominious fate.

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