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Our model of these three-unit cars is over 15" long and features precision die-cast metal bodies for superior tracking even when empty. Like the prototype, the DeLuxe Maxi-IV will fit all standardized 53' or shorter containers in each bottom position, including two 20' containers, and all 40' or longer containers in the upper position. Armco's history dates back to December 2, 1899 when the company was incorporated as American Rolling Mill Company. The container revolution required a cool box to carry meat and vegetables to places where they would not grow. The deLuxe model features a Carrier cooling unit (one of the most common.) The spotting features on this type of cooler are the three service hatches in the upper portion of the unit.
There is no need to add weight to the containers, in fact that will raise the center of gravity. The box has nests allowing it to be used as a storage and carrying case, empty or loaded with containers.

For 20 years, the company produced rolled steel primarily for other manufacturers to use in their products. It is a three-unit articulated double-stack car that can handle containers from 20' to 53' long in the well and containers from 40' to 57' long in the top position. The brake detail, end platforms, steps, grab irons, articulators and other details are injection molded plastic or etched metal. They come with BLMA trucks and metal wheels based on Fox Valley Models medium tread design made to our own specifications for great tracking on all kinds of track. They adopted the acronym "ARMCO" in 1948 and soon changed their name to Armco Steel Corporation. The end trucks are 70 ton with 33" wheels and the intermediate trucks are 100 ton with 38" wheels giving them the look of 125 ton trucks. On trucks a small generator (or "gen set") is attached either to the chassis or the nose of the container.

On trains, truck style nose mounted units can be used or all of the containers  riding a particular stack car can be plugged into a single gen set in a 20' container. These containers are owned by most shipping companies around the world, some of which like Carlisle and Lauritzen Reefers specialize in cold cargoes. Those bananas in your kitchen probably arrived in a Dole, Chiquita, or Ecuadorian Line 40' reefer container! On many trains, there will be a power unit contained in a 20 foot frame container with extension cords running down the car attaching to all of the boxes. The bolt pattern on all of the reefers are the same, and there are forklift pockets in the front of the unit for ease of removal and replacement.

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