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Comes with selectable Steam & Diesel sounds so you can use it in any type of locomotive.
Scaleable Speed Stabilization(BEMF) optimized for sound operationSoundFX does not require an external rate sensor to vary workload. Factory 8 Ohm 16 x 26 x 9 mm box speaker on 10 Pin Plug design makes installation quick and easy. Program CVs using any Digitrax Compatible Control system without having to buy any extra equipment. Works with PX112-10 Power Extender for improved operation in the presence of intermittent track power.
The items displayed and sold on this website are not toys, may contain small parts,and are not designed nor intended for children under 14 years of age. This product has been replaced by the Standard 1 Amp Sound Decoder N Scale (SDN136PS) and is no longer available. Visit Digitrax Sound Depot to learn how to customize the sound project in your decoder and how to download other sound projects.
FX3 decoders offer full function mapping so you can choose which function (F0-F12) controls each function lead. TABLE IVc  The first hex digit of the FX3 CV value determines how the effect generated will behave. If you are using the ditch light effect in conjunction with F2, CV63 lets you set up a hold over time to control how long the ditch lights continue to blink after F2 turned off by releasing the key on the throttle. Any function output on the decoder can be set up for any FX3 effect by programming its associated FX3 CV to the appropriate FX3 CV value.
In this case, the second digit of the FX3 control CV will always be 0 to set the decoder for static (no FX3)function operation. Digitrax uses series numbers to let customers know which feature set is part of a particular decoder. The fifth character of each mobile + function decoder part number is the Digitrax series designator.
Make Sure Your Item Needs To Be Repaired Before Sending It To Us!  Many of the units we receive for repair do not need any repairs at all. Many problems are easily resolved by contacting Digitrax Tech Support without having to send in your unit.

For Steam locomotives, the 0001819 Steam Decoder features a choice of multiple chuff types. HO scale drop-in DCC sound decoder for Kato SD40-2 diesel locomotives by Model Rectifier Corp (MRC).
Designed to fit into the many tight configurations prevalent in HO scale steam locomotives. Each FX3 effect has a CV value that generates the effect you want and controls how the effect works with respect to locomotive direction and the head light (F0) function. For example, two strobe lights can be set up to flash alternately by setting one to phase A and the other to phase B. Remember that F2 is a momentary key on most Digitrax throttles that will keep function 2 on as long as you hold the key down and then turn function 2 off when you release the key. Before you send any units for repair, please take a few minutes to review our Support Options. If a locomotive is sent to Digitrax, Digitrax will ship the entire package back, unrepaired. All 28 NMRA available functions, and naturally, MRC provides user programmable, applicable horns, bells, brakes, air releases, pop valves, cooling fans, coupling sounds, fire box sounds and more.
Preloaded with 8 selectable steam and diesel locomotive sound schemes (other schemes may be downloaded from Digitrax).
Its dynamic range of sound, thats so pure and powerful, will make the hobbyist think hes trackside at Grand Central. Authentic synchronized sound with 16 horns, 8 bells, brakes, air releases, pop valves, cooling fans, coupling sounds, plus directional lighting and more.
In this case, you will be able to control the loco’s functions but the motor will not work. Using TABLE IVa below, determine which CV you need to program to set up an FX3 feature for the function output you are working with.
The first digit determines how the effect will work with respect to the locomotive direction, the head light and other functions. The strobes can also be set up to be on when the loco is moving forward and off when moving backward. If you are using the PR1, an FX set up section is available where you can just "point and click" to set up the effects you want to use.

This allows the ditch lights to be on steady during regular operation and to begin alternate flashing when F2 (usually the horn) is activated and to continue flashing alternately for a predetermined length of time after F2 is released; just like the prototype.
For example, if the effect is set up to come on only when F1 and F0 are active and the loco is headed in the forward direction, be sure you have met those conditions. MRC’s technology-rich Power Packs and Prodigy Advance DCC, lead a long list of MRC engineered train controls and sound systems respected and enjoyed by millions of model railroad hobbyist around the world. For example, if you want to set up an FX feature on your forward headlight, you will use CV49 to control the FX3 feature for the lamp attached to F0F. Use TABLE IVb to determine the second digit and Table IVc to determine the first digit of the FX3 CV value to program into the CV selected in step 1. Values between the high and low allow you to vary whether the lamp actually goes off between light pulses or whether it stays on very dimly or more brightly. We recommend you start with a 4 and adjust it up or down until you get the effect you are looking for. A value of 00 yields no hold over time, a value of 40 yields a realistic time of about 5 seconds. Digitrax introduced FX in the summer of 1995 in all of its premium decoders so if your decoder was made before then it does not have FX capability.
FX & FX3 decoders use different CVs for controlling the function outputs of the decoder.
Designed for most (small) HO scale "DCC Ready" diesel locomotives with an 8-pin DCC socket.
See the specific decoder instructions to determine which "pad" on the decoder controls each function.
Use thin wire or wire saved during previous decoder installations to solder function output wires to the pads associated with the function you want to use.

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