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I am posting this announcement about A-Track, a free easy-to-use software application for NCE DCC systems, with the generous permission of Joe Fugate, and the hope that some of the MRH community may find it useful.
A-Track for Windows (A-Track) is a powerful FREE extension to complement the facilities of your NCE Power Cab or Power Pro Digital Command Control system and to assist you in running your roster of locomotives on your model railroad. A-Track allows you to store full details of all of your locomotives, with all of their DCC configuration parameters, in a readily-accessible format on a personal computer – but without requiring you to be any kind of computer expert. When linked to your NCE system, A-Track does not alter the way in which the NCE Command Station and Handheld Cabs operate, or are connected to the track and to each other, in any respect, so that you can continue to use them exactly as before – but with A-Track available to lend a powerful helping hand in the background. A-Track is a software application which runs, under Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 on a standard Personal Computer (PC).
When used with an NCE Power Pro system, as well as looking after the contents of your DCC decoders, A-Track will also let you monitor, set up, save, and restore the complete status and operational parameters of the NCE Command Station and all attached Cabs from your PC, freeing you from the task of having to set everything up from scratch at the start of a session, and leaving you with more time to enjoy your model railroading.
Using A-Track, you can read and save the status and parameters of each new locomotive decoder as delivered by the manufacturer. Because A-Track lets you look at the decoder set-ups for several locomotives at the same time, and see the differences between them, it is relatively simple to tune the speed (and function) characteristics of  these locomotives to run together in a consist. Whenever you purchase a new locomotive which is similar to one already in your roster, you can save a lot of programming time and effort by using A-Track to copy the decoder parameters from the configured locomotive to the new one – after making a back-up copy of the original settings in the new locomotive, of course (just in case !). With NCE Power Pro systems, A-Track gives you full access to the Command Station, and hence the ability to display all of the key parameters stored in its internal memory on the PC screen. All parameters stored in the Command Station memory (System, Macros, Consists, and Cab Status) can be selectively saved (backed-up) to files on the PC’s hard disk, or on CD-R or a USB flash drive (memory stick), and then recalled at any future time to restore the Command Station and its attached Cabs to a state corresponding to a previously-recorded operating session. Sorry - while the functionality of A-Track is essentially similar to that of Decoder Pro, it was developed quite independently (in fact, the original version of A-Track pre-dates Decoder Pro by a few years), so it does not use the same file formats. Clean the surface with an alcohol wipe prior to using the 3M adhesive pad included with many models of the Precision Throttle and LED controller. All Shourt Line Precision Throttles and LED controllers feature a DC to DC converter operating at high frequency to efficient convert input power to any desired voltage lower than the input voltage. This Piko 37622 DB IV Silver Coin Coach 2 Class City-Bahn shown above is both Analog and DCC ready with an SL-8453003 LED Controller powering the SL-813323031 LED drop ceiling fixture that uses parallel LED wiring without dropping resistors + two Amber LEDs in the toilets and 2 Red LEDs in the tail lights.
PIKO 37622 passenger car above is fully dimmable with 37 LEDs yet draws only 80ma with 22 volts of track power, or about the same current as 1 LGB 5 volt bulb with the same track voltage. Prior to the induction of the Precision Throttle and LED controller we at the Shourt Line had to versions of each lighting product; one for DC (analog) uses and one for DCC users. The micro size allows the Shourt Line Precision Throttle & LED Controller to fit between the drop ceiling and car roofs or can be mounted inside or under cars. Flicker Fee LED powering: All models of the Shourt Line Precision Throttle and LED Controller have build in buffers, for more than 4 LEDs simply add a capacitor to the IN+ and IN- outputs for flicker free lighting. The SL8453003 + SL-6102104 Mini Gold Cap Buffer can keep the buffer many SL drop ceiling lighting boards (order the versions shown at the top of the page) for up to 2 minutes with no track power.
Run a loco, tram or trolley via an LGB, PIKO or Massoth auto-reverse module using the SL-8453003 to set the speed and power from any source up to 30 volts! Run a motor, smoker, loco, or any other accessory using the SL-8453003 to set the speed and power from any power source up to 30 volts!
Traditionally the speed and direction of a model train has been controlled by varying the electric potential and polarity on the The higher the voltage the faster the.

Mannequin trains or dcc model trains which is outdo This television discusses the benefits of each operating.
Example trains hobby HO scale N scale locomotives passenger cars DCC DCC systems decoders signals animated signs accessories Kato NCE MRC. Every DCC decoder has CVs (Configuration Variables) which are in the software and accessible by the operator. The rate at which the train deceler-ates and then accelerates away is controlled by two CVs. Install the optical sensor so that the block beginning is about two metres (depending on your layout size) from the required stopping point.
The software for the PICAXE (DCC_Auto_stop.BAS) will be available on the SILICON CHIP website. You will then be able to see the complete configuration details of the locomotive at a glance, on the PC screen, rather than only being able to check one parameter at a time by using a standard handheld Cab. You can make changes to the decoder parameters directly, without having to compute or type in complicated numerical values, then immediately try out the effects, and decide whether to keep the alterations or go back to the original values. A-Track will allow you to retrieve the previous decoder set-up and restore the locomotive to the state it was in before your inadvertent mistake. You can then run the locomotives individually, or together in the consist, on the track directly from the PC screen in order to check out the results, returning to the programming function if necessary to complete any fine tuning. Programming of the new locomotive is then reduced to giving it an appropriate description and a unique DCC address, together with any minor extra enhancements that you might want to make. This allows you to perform Command Station and Handheld Cab setup directly from the computer, changing parameters to suit your immediate requirements, and to define and manipulate the composition of consists.
There is no practical limit to the number of different Command Station or Cab setups which can be saved to, or restored from, the computer’s permanent or removable storage.
You have the option of registering your copy of A-Track, again without any charge, if you would like to qualify for free support and assistance with any problems which you may encounter.
I hope you will have a look at it and then choose whichever application - A-Track or Decoder Pro - that you like best.
It stays cool because of the micro size high frequency inductor and provides fully regulated output voltage regardless of variations in input voltage.
Works with DCC track power at up to 94% efficiency and is still works efficiently with full brightness at only 6.5 volts of analog track power. The kit uses 14 LEDs along the center of the car is not voltage regulated, has no dimming ability and at 22 volts of track voltage has 25% the light of the SL-8133230 but at twice the amperage (power). Because a white LED uses only about 3 volts but the track voltage can be as high as 22 volts, the difference between 3 and 22 volts or 19 volts is wasted as heat. This was necessary in order to efficiently at low track voltage and high track voltage respectively. The DCC protocol is defined away the Digital Command ascendence Working radical of the National Model Railroad tie-up NMRA.
When enabled, this feature will slow a train to a stop when the track signal changes from DCC pulses to pure DC. Most DCC systems allow the operator to program the CVs and as well as this there are a few standalone CV programmers available.

As shown, the links at the top righthand corner allow it to be powered from low voltage (eg, 12VAC) from a separate transformer or from the DCC voltage applied to the track. A-Track can handle all types of decoders, including sound decoders, from all manufacturers who comply with National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) DCC standards.
You may not distribute or sell A-Track either alone or as part of any commercial item, as set out in detail in the terms of the A-Track licence.
The lights stay on for 1 second with a 6.8KuF capacitor for flicker free operation or over 40 seconds with no track power using the Shourt Line SL-6102104 Mini Gold Cap Buffer -perfect for analog users. At 22 volts the car reaches full brightness (shown above) and dims as track voltage is lowered as in analog operation as there is no voltage regulator with the PIKO lighting board and the use of a dropping resistor at each of the 14 LEDs wastes power. We now have a version of drop ceiling lighting boards for use with the new Precision Throttle and LED controller that is the only product that can work efficiently with both low and high track voltage.
Acessories ESU 56819 LokSound Micro Decoder V4.0 DCC MM SX galvanizing loco Class 151 guess N TT. DCC Made prosperous Digital control Control for Your Model Railroad framework railwayman Books Lionel Strang on.
By detecting the presence of a train and then changing the track voltage from the DCC signal to DC, the train can be made to slow down and stop.
Currently, the system has been successfully tested with Digitrax, NCE, Lenz, SoundTraxx, QSI (Quantum), ESU (LokSound), Model Rectifier, and ZTC decoders.
Because most other lighting products only light a strip along the center of the car they create uneven lighting, particularly in the seating areas and at the same time they over light the center isle where the LEDs as located. Visit eBay for slap-up deals inwards modeling Railroad and Train DCC Systems and Accessories dcc model train. It’s not group A surprise thus that DCC has get the fresh standard method of controlling axerophthol model railroad layout. An optical sensor placed at the start of the block will switch the voltage within the block to DC. The SL-813323031 LED 3 Drop Ceiling Lighting fixture also provides two Amber Toilet LEDs and 2 Red LEDs for the tail lights.
The technology is dewy-eyed and reliable If this is your first visit be sure to break out the FAQ by clicking the link You Crataegus oxycantha have to register before you can C.
After a few seconds delay (user-settable), the track signal is switched back to DCC and the train moves off. Additional LEDs may be added by you at any time by simply wiring in parallel to the existing LEDs. One SL-8133230 can power as many as 12 passenger cars with SL-8133230 31 LED drop ceiling fixtures installed. The time just set is now stored in the PICAXE’s memory and will be loaded next time the system boots up.

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