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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. See what’s going on within our online store, in our bricks n mortar site in Liverpool, UK and order fulfilment centre in Widnes, Cheshire. Arnold DCC ControllersI'm adding this here as I feel that these devices are still a great option for someone wanting to get into DCC.
The Digitrax Super Chief Radio Equipped SetSee specs hereMy background in DCC started in 1994, my first system unfortunately wasn't Digitrax.
ESU Ecos 50000 Although I have been into DCC for about five years and while I have intend to upgrade it was only comparatively recently that I made a decision on what I was going to upgrade to. BACHMANN DYNAMIS - FIRST IMPRESSIONSI received my Dynamis a couple of hours ago from The Signal Box. Search results for xbox 360 199: Found 44 xbox 360 199 for sale from xbox 360 199 manufacturers, This page shows 1 - 20 xbox 360 199 products. In this day and age of word-of-mouth marketing, this could be good if it is honest and positive.
Ordered yesterday for ?80 + p&p, so very impressed with their service, and obviously struck lucky on availability.
The two wires from the PCAB-PP go straight into the auto switch, this then has two outputs one to the mainline and one to the program track.
My layout is currenlty non-existant due to a recent house move, but I will set up a test cicuit shortly. You can get ?100 knocked off that by buy in in the US, but then you have to add on shipping and possible import duties. The great strength of Digitrax is loconet the command bus system which is identical to a computer network cable.
This enables the command station to talk to the various components in the system, and unlike other systems enables them to talk back to the command station. I also used to have an Intelllibox, and briefly owned an EZ-Command (too basic for my needs), and a Select (VERY briefly, nuff said).
My particular system also has radio control, I was able to use this illegally while residing in another country. Both the LZV100 command station and the LH100 hand controller can take the rough handling of someone like me who is building a layout around the system.It can be very easy to use, but it can also be complicated. I then added a couple of Arnold Digital Loco Control (86210) units and a couple of Arnold Digital Keyboards (86220). You can of course use the system without radio control simply by using a trailing cable, or switching Infra Red. The Dynamis is nicely presented and packaged in a window-style box giving view of both the handheld unit and the command station. I used these units with the S4 Arnold Digital Decoder (86250).Sure these units only have short addressing, 5 funtions and are quite rudimentary, but they work well and are reliable.

An approved Radio control system will be available for the UK this year (2007).The handsets with Digitrax are a pleasure to use. These also allow connection of certain Marklin devices so you see where the potential lies.You can also use the XBUS to connect devices. It features two knobs to enable control of two loco directly while memory allows the user to recall up to 16 loco's at the turn of a knob. The 3 pin plug can be unclipped and replaced with the supplied Euro 2 pin plug if required.
Functions F0 - F12 are currently supported, plus a full range of commands to work turnouts and signals from the handset. The handheld controller has multiple branding printed on the back, including Bachmann Branch Line, Spectrum, and Liliput, so it is cleary designed to be distributed within the Bachmann Industries group as a whole.
Using the LMAB wires, you can connect remote devises to the central command station.I use my Arnold units together with my Lenz LH100 with no problem at all. The build quality appears good, the plastic has almost a slight rubber feel to it, and the unit feels comfortable to hold. The only issue is the lack of long addressing, so it can only control trains that are set to short addresses. If I am paying more than 600 Euros for a system I don't want it looking like a "Fisher Price toy". When using the Lenz, I don't use the 86201 Central Control, but rather the 86210 Loco Controls and 86220 Digital Keyboards. Digitrax also offer the UT4 which a much simpler throttle suitable for visitors and the young who may not understand the more complex DT400.
If there is a weak point to the design, it may well be these clip fit covers, as there is some force placed on them by the battery springs once the batteries are loaded.
Documentation for the system is excellent and it's well supported by a wide range of ancillary system components from stationary decoders to occupancy detectors,auto reverse units, and a vast range of mobile decoders. As with other complex systems, it is a good idea to keep the manuals handy.One question to ask is whether you like to use buttons or a dial to control the loco.
Finally Digitrax has Transponding which means with the right equipment a locomotive can be identified anywhere on the system.
Powering up the unit, the first thing that grabs you is the quality of the display, which has backlighting and everything appears in dark blue on a grey background. Commands are common through the range of equipment, even down to the Zephyr starter system. My system has stood the test of time without ever having a software upgrade or the unit having to returned to the factory for repair. Use an eBay search (like this) and don't be scared to search the German and other European eBay sites too. It does everything one can expect of a system costing less than ?300 excluding a transformer.

Small button up to increase the speed by one step, big button up to increase the speed by eight steps.
The backlighting goes off after a preset amount of time without a keypress (This can be altered).
By default the unit powers up ready to control loco 3, but the unit defaults to STOP mode, and a green LED flashes on the base station, becoming constant once the stop button is pressed to allow power to the track. I haven't list the capcity of the system as anyone intrested can view this on the Digitrax web site. The default speed steps are 28, I quickly changed this to 128 and was impressed to find that a gentle up or down nudge of the joystick gives precise single step control over the speed settings, something I was not able to achieve with the ZTC lever. My system is 5 amps and together with the DB150 booster was powerfull enough to run 80 odd loco's on my layout over 25 of them with sound. Holding the joystick either in the up or down position allows much more rapid change to the speed of travel. This question has already been raised in another thread, no definitive answer has yet been given. The packaging and manual make great play of the fact that the Dynamis offers full CV programming, but if the device cannot read back the values many will see it as a dealbreaker. Perhaps I'll end up using the LH100 in the yards and perhaps use the Dial controllers on the mainline. I stress that I do not yet know the answer to this, I will have a play tonight and then post back.
If the unit can read CVs then the value for money for ?80 is almost unbelievable, if it cannot read CVs then it places the unit in the same category as the Roco Multimaus to be honest. I'm not using may complicated functions, but I have connected the unit to a PC with the USB computer interface accessory. I use computers in my day job, I don't need them as an integral part of my hobby There is no loco database or extra data stored for the loco. These allow me to unplug the hand cab controller and walk around to another post and plug in again.
We were struggling to identify a problem on my system and it ended up being a capacitor on the track feed connector that was causing the unit to lock after programming a loco. The tech staff had never come across this and were glad that it was solved and that they could add it to their support knowledge base. Lets hope that they keep they product up to date and give us some nice add-ons in the forthcoming years.
You can also put points in the depot area, and each magnetic accessory can be assigned its function, so you can differentiate between regular, double or 3-way turnouts from de-coupler tracks or streetlights, etc.Decoder programming is easy.

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