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Dedicated to preserving our proud Confederate States of America history and Cassville's history.
Chinese shares rallied Monday as investors focused on China’s plans to prop up the slowing economy, boosting stocks in such sectors as construction, technology and pharmaceuticals. Stocks in China notched up four straight days of gains on Friday, with traders speculating that Chinese state-owned funds were buying in the market. Italian banking shares are suffering heavy losses after the European Central Bank demanded that troubled lender Banca Carige SpA present new funding and strategic plans to shore up its finances and meet supervisory requirements.
Trading volume in the city’s opaque privately-owned exchanges has plunged since the implementation of new regulations forcing greater transparency in the industry. Global cotton prices have plunged in recent weeks as speculation mounts that China is getting ready to sell some of its 11 million-metric-ton stockpile—enough to make 10 billion pairs of jeans. A huge rise in the value of the Swiss franc last year threatened to upend the country’s export-dependent economy, but companies have proved nimble enough to stay competitive. The Japanese government sold benchmark 10-year bonds with a negative yield for the first time, after the Bank of Japan introduced negative interest rates in January.

China’s central bank is increasingly finding itself in a bind, balancing its need to continue easing credit to support economic growth against its stated goal of keeping the Chinese currency stable. The country agreed to pay $4.65 billion to hedge funds to settle their claims on defaulted sovereign debt. Dean Moore and his wife have been thrust into a high-stakes battle over whether HSBC Holdings must release a secret report on its compliance with a $1.9 billion money-laundering settlement.
Citigroup reached a deal to sell its once-prized strategic foothold in China’s banking sector, China Guangfa Bank, for $3 billion, making it the latest big Western bank to sell off its Chinese bank holdings. World finance ministers at the G-20 vowed not to engage in currency wars to boost exports, but the scars from the financial crisis are still apparent.
Wall Street giant KKR is helping Banyan Nation, an Indian recycling startup, bring more Indians into the financial fold.
The former co-chief executive officer of Deutsche Bank, Anshu Jain, is joining the board of upstart online financial services firm Social Finance, known as SoFi. Barclays investors will get their first insight into CEO Jes Staley’s vision for the lender when it presents earnings on Tuesday.

China National Chemical wants $30 billion in loans to finance its $43 billion acquisition of Swiss pesticide and seed company Syngenta, and banks are lining up to write checks. The Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank and several smaller European authorities have ventured into the once-uncharted territory of negative interest rates.
A weakening currency is increasingly weighing on what had been seen as one of the last bright spots in emerging markets: India. Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People’s Bank of China, said again that he sees no reason for the Chinese currency to fall persistently and stressed that authorities have room to support economic growth. Chinese shares suffered their biggest slump since the carnage at the beginning of this year, in an embarrassing reminder of the country’s challenges just ahead of a meeting of world leaders. Beijing is warming to overseas investors and said it is loosening restrictions on China’s domestic bond market, but foreign investment in its bonds may not be immediately forthcoming.

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