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Lighting and sound effects are the main attractions on this late-version Zephyr from Con-Cor.
This limited-run version of the three-car Pioneer Zephyr is lettered as it appeared in the 1934 move "The Silver Streak." A special DVD with a copy of the original movie and other railroad movie clips is included.
While the Union Pacific (M-10000) and Burlington Rt's Zephyr were zipping around on Western Rails in 1934 and attracting huge attention from the public, the New Haven was quieting building a smilar train for use on the East Coast, on it's trackage between Boston and Providence.
The Comet owes much to airship design as it was designed and built by the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation, a consortium of the US Goodyear Corp.
In a test run of of Comet in April 1935 it hit a speed of 110.5 mph which was a record for any train in New England at that time. While the Comet was built for the Boston-Providence run, it did show up on other New Haven trackage, and also was used for many excursion trips to New York City.

It had an engine at either extremity so it was not necessary to turn the train at the end of each trip.
In its published timetable for the run between Boston and Providence (43.8 miles) the Comet's normal schedule was only 44 minutes. Tick the boxes next to the magazines you want to order and the yellow box to the right will show the total cost of your order (it will scroll down with the screen so you can always see the current cost of your order). Both N and HO scale models are available with Digitrax Digital Command Control (DCC) sound decoders.
The train was already famous when it made its record breaking 1015-mile run on May 26th from Denver to Chicago, but it gained even more attention later on. Both engines operated simultaneously by a master control, and after the train completed the run, the engineer just walked to the other end of the train for the return journey.

It was one of the biggest attractions at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago during the summer of 1934.
During 1934 it traveled to over 220 different American cities and was toured by over two million people. So even if you are not a Burlington Route fan, it is quite possible that the Zephyr visited your city and you could run it on your layout as a white-flagged special, just like the real train did during its travels in 1934 over many different railroads in the East, Midwest and Western USA.

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