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Program code has got more and more high level, and some languages are actually quite readable by humans! There are also programs such as Game Maker or Fusion that allow you to create video games without writing any code – you just have to learn to think logically! Technology has changed our lives considerably relatively recently – we have new and impressive “hardware” and creative and innovating programming. Historically, there hasn’t been a lot of testing done on iOS, and we see the results of that every day—regressions, crashes, consistently reproducible failures.
I’m taking a leadership course at work just now, and one of the exercises was to take the StrengthsFinder (Amazon) test. Last November I was in New Orleans with a friend, and we went on a couple of the many (many!) walking tours offered.
Edited notes from my talk at UW Oct 15th which was in part a reflection of what had happened at GHC this year. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Literacy in any computer language, from simple HTML to complex C++, requires dedication not only to the technology, but to changes in the technology. To gain confidence: I’ve had rare clients who think that if they master a language then computers will intimidate them less.
To understand what’s possible: a developer says “it can’t be done.” Do they mean it’s impossible? No tutorials, tools, or outside praise will give people the mindset to conquer code better than “I wrote this and… look what I did!” and leaving with a sense of being greater than the obstacle you overcame.
Part of learning to read and write code, be it HTML, jQuery, or C++, is learning one’s limits. Join our 765,566 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!
Lately we’ve been inundated with headlines of identity theft, hacked financial institutions, and general digital insecurity. So if a code couldn’t be cracked within our lifetime, that sounds like ironclad protection, right?
Cybercriminals are smarter and more sophisticated than they were even five years ago and the tactics they employ are harder to defend. Mathematicians estimate that in the next 10 years, we could see the implementation of quantum mechanics as applied to decryption.
Even within the limitations of the present security landscape, experts contend that the weakest link isn’t the code, it’s us.
PC Tools has a Password Generator that will create secure and diverse logins for each site you access. Bottom line, security firms and software developers alike are doing their best to protect our information. This entry was posted in Hackers and tagged identity theft, internet security, password security, tips.
If you were to have blinked anytime in the past year, you might have missed the arrival (re-arrival?) of QR Codes in the United States.

Quick Response codes (aka QR codes) may be relatively new to the states, but they’ve been around just about as long as public internet access. Everyone from small business to ad agencies are trying to crack the secret on how to best use QR codes for marketing, but the truth is that many people are still clueless as to what a QR code actually is. It’s good news for early adopters, but bad news for those of us who are trying to get the most out of advertising budgets and space. For creating QR codes, I recommend checking out SPARQCode, a useful resource that includes free analytics.
I agree that awareness of QR codes are relatively low and many people do not even realize they can scan QR codes with their smart phone. As we build more complex applications, manual testing takes more and more time and automated testing becomes increasingly necessary. These are essentially 2-hour long presentations, but the stage is the street and the slides are the city itself.
Now I’m working on my first independent app (yay!) of course I am writing extensive unit tests. It was a project that had had a number of different directions taken from a product perspective… and the code was like an archeological record of them.
Learned to layout feature pages and create infographics for the local daily paper. I earned a Photoshop ACE in ’03.
When problems must get solved, there’s a time to pass the buck and a time to buckle down and solve it.
There’s no shortage of book discovery websites, but intuition told me there was a better way. Seeing code perform gives people a micro-rush of self confidence, a validation that they can master the machine.
When learning something that intimidates you, you must approach but do not exceed your limit. Like learning any new skill, a consistent schedule with manageable goals gradually improves performance to the point of expertise. Security professionals already use encryption that replaces each character of plain text with one or more characters from a secret random key. To stay ahead, security firms have to implement techniques they previously considered part of their future long-term strategy and they must prepare for the future.
If we have a simple password or insist on using the same login information for every account we’ve ever opened, even the most sophisticated security software won’t protect us from the modern-day hacker. The Secure Password Generator is free and provides one-off unique passwords, utilizing a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols.
They are improving technology and anticipating future attacks, but they can only do so much and the rest is up to us. QR codes have been present in Asia for over a decade and have only recently soared in popularity, in part due to the increasing adoption of smartphones. We also need to take into account the fact that the majority of us still don’t own a smartphone.
I expect that they will become more interesting as a marketing tactic in the future as smart phone adoption rises.

A designer says “I want it to do this.” Did he or she just give someone a week’s worth of headaches? The curse of understanding a language … rather, the curse of people thinking you “know code” is they’ll expect you to do it. The resulting code is called ciphertext and if it’s as large as, or larger than, the plain text, if it is truly random, and if no part is reused, it would, in theory, take a supercomputer 150 years to crack it.
According to security experts, there is a big difference between code that can’t be hacked, and code that just hasn’t been hacked yet.
It sounds cumbersome and problematic, especially if you have numerous accounts and a bad memory, but it’s a necessity in the new cyber reality. Once you have generated a password, you must save a copy in a safe place because it cannot be recreated.
The code wallpapers will sometimes make you smile and sometimes will inspire you to write the next big code.To download any of these code wallpaper, simply click on the background below. They’re in magazines, on posters and stickers, on business cards, inside store front windows, hidden in books, and prominently displayed on signage all across the country. Most camera equipped phones with Wi-Fi access are capable of downloading a QR code scanner and picking up data from a QR codes is as simple as pointing a phone at the 2D black and white image and snapping a picture. Creating an in-store display ad is relatively easy and should have a low investment cost and a potentially high return. If you have trouble coming up with unique passwords that you can remember, there are programs that do it for you. Use unique and complex passwords, and change them frequently, and it won’t matter what hackers get a supercomputer to do. A recent study says that 72% of those with smartphones are likely to recall an ad with a QR code in it, although only 32% have ever scanned a QR code.
Before getting overly ambitious keep in mind that some of the best examples are those in which QR codes are just one aspect of an advertisement and not forced upon us. Filling your brain to the brim (or worse, exceeding its limit) will hamper your ability to learn, erode your self-confidence, and kill a kitten.
Have QR codes truly arrived into the mainstream for good or are they merely another passing fad?
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