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If you'd like to be notified when this item becomes available, enter your information below and click "Notify Me". We will notify you when the item is back in stock and you will recieve a discount card for an extra 10% off your next purchase! The best known taste in the world meets the best known model trains with the Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Vintage Steam Set from Lionel! NEW with professionally installed SL 10 LED 2 drop ceiling lighting fixture with 2 LED Coach Lamps, LED controller with dimmer, SL Anti-flicker Power Buffer and 3 Watt MP3 Sound System. LGB Gondola is professionally wired with a hidden micro power cables and 2 LGB power connectors for connecting power from the Loco Tender to the the Caboose or other cars. The 3 Watt Sound MP3 Player fits easily in the gondola and has its own rechargeable battery for up to 1 hour of operation.
The player included FM radio capability so you can tune in your favorite music to play back in the gondola or wherever desired. The player can play MP3 sound files from either the included micro SD card or any USB memory stick can be plugged into the USB socket on the player. LGB set box (note key on lower right for trunk) holds the set for secure storage in a custom Coca-Cola® red trunk. The LGB engineered loco and tender includes a smoker and interior lighting with directional front and rear lights.

The LGB power connector plug from the gondola is shown above (green circle) plugged into the tender for power. The red mini tank car above is not included in the set but available in our store and show how easy it is to add additional cars to the set. Includes twelve pieces of FasTrack and features traditional O Gauge with a minimum O-27 curve. The Player includes two cables, one (on the left) is for use as an amplifier for your phone, laptop or other device and one (on the right) for charging from any USB port. The player has a pull up aerial for FM reception and reverts to M3P player whenever a memory card is available. You can set your cell phone to auto answer and plug the phone into the LIN port on the player so anyone calling the phone (in the gondola) can talk thru the 3Watt amplified speaker to welcome guests or to pretend to be a Coca-Cola® Polar Bear speaking. Free downloads of holiday or holiday music as well as Coke jingles can be easily downloaded to the micro-flash card using the micro to mini flash adapter so it can be inserted into your home computer for downloading. The Coca-Cola® stuffed Polar bear is included with the set and like to ride in the gondola for play with kids. Both use LGB type power connectors (green circle) for other cars can be easily added to the train as desired. Additional LGB figures can be placed inside the caboose and into the sets in the cupola of the caboose as desired.

Note: Note shown is our LED Christmas reef that attaches in seconds to the rear of the caboose, the tank car or the front of the loco. An optional USB charger is available at our store for placement in the gondola and power from tack power so the payback can be extended indefinitely. The power can easily be brought up into the gondola using the LGB provided two holes at each end to power the included 3 Watt Sound System or powering a lighted Christmas tree or other accessory available at our store. The LGB caboose easily comes off for adjusting the brightness of the lighting or adding figures. The Christmas Wreath can be power from the provided micro power cable shown above at the rear of the caboose. Note the micro power cable coiled on the rear roof of the caboose for power optional trailing cars.

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