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The first thing we did — and we should have done this earlier in the process — was to build a temporary workbench to have a place to clean the track.
After we had a clean, sturdy place to work, we went about disassembling our prototype layout and arranging everything into neat piles for cleaning and servicing. We also assembled all the necessary cleaning fluids, lubricants, and a thick pack of fine grit sandpaper.
After a brief primer concerning the “why’s” and “how’s” of cleaning track, the girls divided hundreds of pieces into piles and got to it.

The girls pretty much monopolized the workbench to clean track — and believe me, I didn’t want to interrupt them — so my switch cleaning activities were relegated to a piece of brown paper on top of the layout table. Reassemble the switch, test the non-derailing feature, and ensure that the switch snaps into place at 14 volts.
The most satisfying thing about this approach, is that the results are quite striking, as the following before and after pictures demonstrate. When comparing the two photos, notice the difference in the amount of rust on the rails andthe shininess and overall presentability of the plastic.

These side by side “before and after” photos below show how effective Endust is on thephenolic plastic switches and covers.
With one of the hardest parts of the job done, it was time to go back under the table and bring up all the accessories that would fit!

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