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The class examines the history of photography, and students use glasses to view a new exhibit of 3D images. When the North won the Civil War in 1865, it remained a fragile nation¬† with an uncertain future. The initial problem in 1861 was winning a war that turned out to be the most costly conflict that America has ever faced. But in 1865, when the victors had defeated the South and eliminated slavery, the confrontation which had to be immediately addressed was how to end Slave Power now that slavery itself had ended. Though the Civil War ended slavery, that was not the North’s objective when the war began.
Slave Power was created at the founding of the American nation, when slavery was written into our constitution.

Undoubtedly, this year we will see a new intensification of major battle reenactments, as eager participants put on Union or Confederate garb, load muskets and re-stage the battles that made the Civil War the bloodiest conflict in U.S. The North went to war to hold the union together (if the Confederates had won the war, the remaining United States might well have lost the War of 1812 and become, once again, a British Colony). The end of the war was also the end of the Constitution of 1787, such that the paramount issue of the day was what new form of government would replace our constitution and what were the new rules by which American civil life would proceed. Abolition of slavery came as a result of the war, but that was not its precipitating motivation. Although most of us know the names of those who founded our nation through the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, few of us remember the names of those that rewrote our national rules of behavior through the amendments that followed immediately after the war, including the critical Fourteenth Amendment. More soldiers died because of the poor colonial medicine techniques that were used to treat their wounds than were killed on the battlefield.

The shocking assassination of Lincoln at the close of the war put Andrew Johnson in the Presidency, who supported the return of Slave Power. The practice of blood-letting and treating soldiers with calomel (mercury chloride) was commonplace, but the worst medical sin of all, was that of failing to operate under aseptic conditions.  One of the spin-offs of the Civil War was that of stimulating the evolution of American medicine into its modern form with science as the basis for medical therapies and diagnostic procedures. The names of Charles Sumner of Massachusetts and Thadeus Stevens of Pennsylvania are unknown to us today, yet they were as important to the reformation of the American constitution at the end of the Civil War as the Founding fathers were at the end of the Revolutionary War. Of course, as we know today, that was only one chapter in a never-ending story about race relations that still leaves the country with a blemished record on civil rights and the continued perpetration of laws that act prejudicially against blacks and other minorities.

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