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Students will investigate how the effects of magnets change when their position in space is changed. Table 1: Set of donut magnets on a pencil, a blank sheet, and color pencils for each child. Table 2: 3-5 vehicles of "Thomas the train" or other magnetic toy train cars (see below for example), a blank sheet, and color pencils for each child. The teacher assigns each child to a group and table (4-5 children per group), and manages the rotations after periods of 5-10 minutes such that each group has visited each table in the end.
Childrens Wooden Coat Pegs: personalise a child's bedroom or baby's nursery with a Wooden Coatpeg, which come in lots of fun and colourful designs. Blow the conductor's whistle and ring the bell - grab the attention of those little kids with their clothes lying on the floor! This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account.
On the inside oval driveway of The Fountains shopping mall is this colorful train for children. On the inside oval driveway of **The Fountains shopping mall** is this colorful train for children.
Prepare 4 tables with 4-5 chairs each, and set up the materials corresponding to each table. The students are asked to put out their arms and connect hands with the student across from them.

Short recap of each table by letting some children show their paintings and explain what they found.
Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations.
Measure length, weight, temperature, and liquid volume with appropriate tools and express those measurements in standard metric system units.
They are handmade from birch wood and carefully rounded to ensure a clean and smooth finish. Younger children create “necklaces” by putting together a nice combination of colors and spaces between them, and paint their choice on a blank sheet.
Depending on the orientation of the train wagons, they stick together, or they push each other away.
Older children drop the small magnet 10 times on the table without the large magnet and children color the upside-lying color of the small magnetic on their worksheet (attached).
As a basis for understanding this concept and addressing the content in the other three strands, students should develop their own questions and perform investigations.
The Engineer is properly dressed in railroad clothes, and the children and their parents have lots of fun while circling The Fountains on the oval roadway.
Older children measure the distance between the magnets, depending on their orientation and number, and paint these distances on a worksheet. The children find a combination so that the train can run without losing a wagon and paint their train on a blank sheet.

The children try to hold together the magnets according to these combinations, and find out if they stick together. Now, students again are asked to reach out their arms, but this time, the children on the left side are unable to connect hands with those on the right.
Children that finish early create another combination of colors and distances between magnets.
On the worksheet sheet (attached), they mark the combinations that stick with a smiling face (and the ones that do not stick with a sad face). Children that finish early try aligning the bar magnets on the long side and see which combinations stick. Depending on the upside color of the large magnetic wand, the small magnet always lands with the corresponding color up.
Older children that finish early turn around the magnetic wand and repeat the game on a new worksheet.

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